CSR Corporation Ltd.

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West 4th-Ring Mid Road 16, Haidian District



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West 4th-Ring Mid Road 16, Haidian District

Beijing , 100036

People's Republic of China


Tel +86 10 518 620 93

Fax +86 10 639 847 86

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Company information

CSR - High Speed Train

CSR is a limited liability company promoted by CSR Corporation in association with Beijing Railway Industry Economic and Trade Company with the approval of the State Council and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council SASAC. Founded on December 28, 2007, headquartered in Beijing, with a registered capital of 11.84 billion yuan, CSR went public in Shanghai and Hong Kong in August 2008, has established 17 wholly-owned and shareholding subsidiaries in 10 provinces and cities, and has nearly 90,000 employees.

CSR boasts a complete system of independent development, massive manufacturing and standard service of railway locomotives, passenger trains, freight wagons, bullet trains, metro vehicles and relevant parts. As China’s largest metro vehicle manufacturer, CSR owns China’s largest electric locomotive R & D and manufacturing base, a globally leading bullet train R & D and manufacturing base, an industrially leading large-power diesel locomotive and diesel engine R & D and manufacturing base, a domestically leading high-grade bus enterprise, a globally leading rail wagon R & D and manufacturing base, as well as three designated mass transit vehicle localization enterprises. At the same time, CSR uses proprietary rail transit equipment technologies to develop and expand the market of extended products, including electric vehicles, wind generation equipment, automotive parts, marine crankshafts and diesel engines, large-power semiconductor devices, construction machinery, etc.

CSR is an “innovative enterprise” accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology, SASAC and All China Federation of Trade Unions. It owns four national R & D and experiment institutions including national engineering center of converting technology, national engineering laboratory of high-speed train system integration, national key laboratory of EMU and locomotive traction and control and national research center of high-speed EMU assembly engineering technology, six national nationally accredited corporate technical centers, seven test and experimental centers accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment and six postdoctoral workstations, has established the first overseas industrial power and electronic R & D center of China’s rail transit equipment manufacturing in the U.S. and a semiconductor R & D centers in the UK. CSR’s technical R & D and manufacturing level has been up to advanced world standards, with its major products developing towards the technical objectives of “advancement, maturity, economy, applicability and reliability”, meeting the need of China’s rail transportation and accomplishing batch export. Currently, an array of CSR’s independently developed high-performance products and technologies, represented by bullet trains and large-power locomotives, have been up to advanced international standards, and CSR’s comprehensive strength has been in the forefront of world rail transit equipment manufacturing.

In the face of opportunities and challenges for the rail transportation industry in the new period, innovation-oriented CSR is actively adjusting to the development requirements of economic globalization, extending resource allocation, market development, technical innovation and customer services to the world, accelerating the modernization of China’s rail transit equipment with opener mind and broader vision in cooperation and win-win, manufacturing first-class products with first-class technologies and offering customers most valuable green products, in a bid to build an industrial pioneer and a globalized multinational most responsible for the society.

Company information

Headquarters location West 4th-Ring Mid Road 16, Haidian District
100036 Beijing
People's Republic of China
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  • Railbound Vehicles for Public Transport

Product information


CSR - Locomotives - CKD4CCKD4C high power diesel locomotive

CKD4C high power diesel locomotive is used for the railway transportation business in the middle and western area of Venezuela namely: Cabello - Barquisimeto and Yaritagua - Acarigua.

CKD4C diesel locomotive is high power AC-DC diesel locomotive for trunk line heavy-loaded freight locomotive. This locomotive is equipped with 16V28OZJA diesel engine, JF204D synchronous main generator and ZD109E traction motor, adopting monocoque fuel tank and running gear of 3-axle bogie with weight of 25 ton.

CSR - Locomotives - CKD6DCKD6D meter-gauged diesel locomotive

CKD6D meter-gauged diesel locomotive is a trunk line passenger and freight transportation locomotive designed for Cambodia Royal Railways. The locomotive adopts CAT3508B diesel engine, JF217C synchronous main generator andYZ34C traction motor. The locomotive is equipped with microcomputer controlled system with the function of failure diagnosis and other devices for safe operation.

CSR - Locomotives - SDD6ASDD6A diesel locomotive

SDD6A diesel locomotive is AC-DC diesel locomotive exported to Nambia, Angola and Madagascar.

This locomotive, with traction power from a diesel engine unit, is adopted Co-Co radial bogies with maximum operation speed of 120km/h and is suitable for passenger and freight transportation as well as shunting and marshaling operation.

CSR - Locomotives - SDD5SDD5 fixed tandem diesel locomotive

SDD5 fixed tandem diesel locomotive is a trunk line freight transportation locomotive designed for Copper Company of Kazakstan. The locomotive is equipped with 16V240ZJD diesel engine with rated power of 3,240kW, JF208A synchronous brushless excitation main generator and ZD109C traction motor. Its running gear is 3-axle bogie with the weight of 23 ton. The locomotive is equipped with microcomputer controlled system and safe driving speed monitoring system.

CSR - Locomotives - SDD4SDD4 diesel locomotive

SDD4 diesel locomotive is a diesel-shunting locomotive designed for Copper Company of Kazakstan. The locomotive is equipped with12V240ZJ diesel engine with rated power of 2,200kW, JF208A synchronous main generator and ZD109C traction motor. Its running gear is 3-axle bogie with the weight of 23 ton. The locomotive is equipped with microcomputer controlled system and safe driving speed monitoring system.

CSR - Locomotives - SDD3SDD3 diesel locomotive

SDD3 diesel locomotive is exported to Vietnam and is designed and produced according to UIC Standard to ensure good interchangeablility. The parts of the locomotive are designed as modules to conveniently change with same type of locomotive and reduce the time for maintenance and preparation. This locomotive can be used for 20-25 years.

CSR - Locomotives - SDD2SDD2 diesel locomotive

SDD2 diesel locomotive is a narrow-gauged diesel-electric locomotive suitable for trunk line passenger and freight transportation designed and produced according to the specific technical requirements of the customer. This locomotive is designed as single-cab with exterior aisle and equipped with US CAT3516B diesel engine, JF217D1 brushless excitation main generator and ZQDR-310 traction motor. The railway gauge is 1,065 mm. The locomotive, with Co-Co axle arrangement and axle weight less than 18.5 ton maximum speed 100km/h, is equipped with microcomputer controlled system, tandem device and rheostatic braking device.

CSR - Locomotives - SDD1SDD1 diesel locomotive

SDD1 diesel locomotive is a narrow-gauged diesel-electric locomotive suitable for trunk line passenger and freight transportation designed according to the contract signed with customers. This locomotive is designed as double-cab with interior aisle and equipped with US CAT 3516B diesel engine, JF217D brushless excitation main generator and ZDl26B traction motor. The railway gauge is 1,067mm. The locomotive, with Co-Co axle arrangement and axle weight less than 16.5 ton, maximum speed100km/h, is operated in the right side and equipped with microcomputer controlled system, tandem device, radio station and rheostatic braking device.

Passenger Coaches

CSR - Passenger Coaches - IranPassenger Coach for Iran

Passenger Coach for Iran is specially designed middle, long-distance passenger vehicle for Iran RALA Railway Company. This coach is suitable to operate in hot and sandy areas with the maximum operating speed of 160km/h. The vehicle is designed according to UIC standard and takes the daily habits of local people into full consideration with the characteristics of safety, comfort, promptness and environmental protection. This series of coach is made up of first-class passenger vehicle, dining vehicle and generator vehicle.

CSR - Passenger Coaches - TurkmenistanPassenger Coach for Turkmenistan

Passenger Coach for Turkmenistan consists of five types, namely semi-cushioned vehicle, soft sleeping vehicle, VIP vehicle, luggage vehicle and generator vehicle. This series of coach takes the local environment, track conditions and customer habits into full consideration to ensure safe operation in desert areas. It adopts broad gauge bogie and domestic carbon steel structure for the body part. With perfect equipments, reasonable layout, reliable performance and convenient maintenance, this coach is safe, stable and comfortable.

CSR - Passenger Coaches - SyriaPassenger Coach for Syria

Passenger Coach for Syria consists of four seat vehicles and one generator vehicle, which takes the environment of Syria and the application conditions into full consideration to ensure the safe operation in tropic and desert areas. This coach conforms to International Union of Railway Criteria UIC, International Standardization Organization ISO, China National Standard GB and China Railway Standard TB. This coach is designed suitably for the current railway network in Syria with the gauge of 1050 mm. When turning into 1435mm track gauge bogie, the coach can operate normally in the railway of 1435mm gauge without any change to the steel structured interface.

CSR - Passenger Coaches - KoreaPassenger Coach for Korea

This air conditioned passenger coach adopts roof mounted air conditioning unit with diesel generator set under the coach and coal-heating equipment inside the coach. With excellent facilities, reasonable layout and reliable performance, this coach is safe, stable and comfortable.

CSR - Passenger Coaches - AngolaPassenger Coach for Angola

Passenger Coach for Angola consist of 5 different types of 40 coached, including 3 first-class coaches with equipments for the disabled, 27 second-class coaches with equipments for the disabled, 3 with bar saloons, 4 coaches for power supply and 3 luggage coaches. The whole is divided into 3 groups, and each group consists of 13 coached, including 1 first class coach, 9 second-class coaches, 1 coach for power supply and 1 luggage coach.

CSR - Passenger Coaches - Double DeckDouble-deck lifeline express

Double-deck lifeline express is moveable hospital, it consists of a life generating car, a lodging car double-deck, an operation and diagnosis car and a ward car double-deck. The unit has independent power supply system and interior communication system. The layout is designed reasonable, the advanced ophthalmology medical apparatus and on-the-spot monitoring education system and all the necessary facilities, it provides comfortable living space and superior working conditions for medical personnel and 52 beds for medical personnel and patients.

Life generating car consists of main generating room, electrical kitchen and meeting room dining hall. it can meet the needs of the whole train. Large PJT TV and camera system terminal and telephone program controller, they are used for demonstration operation and academic exchanges of the doctors and guests.

The lodging car is used for the rest of medical personnel, it is provided with toilet, bathing room, washing room, six double-beds, two single-bed and two four-beds compartments and a telephone is provided in each compartment.

Diagnosis and treatment operation car has diagnosis and check room, preparation sterilize room, wash hand and change room, operation room I, operation room II and distribution room. Ward car has toilet, washing room, boiler room, nurse working room, laboratory, storage room, distribution room and ward.

CSR - Passenger Coaches - YZ25KYZ25K air conditioned hard sleeping car

YZ25K air conditioned hard sleeping car is new type of air-conditioned passenger car designed and manufactured according to technical specification for air-conditioned passenger car with 160km/h.

The carbody of YZ25K hard seating car is a barrel-type steel structure formed by integral load carrying all-steel welding and without central beam, and the sidewall is flat. Ripple plate is applied between both bolsters of under frame, and the section is same as 25-type car. Couplers and the coupler yoke made by No.15 class C steel; and G1 large capacity buffer and rubber or vestibule gangway are applied for this car. Glass fiber insulation is equipped inside the carbody, and the wooden structure can meet the inflammation resistance requirement. The bogie is SW-160 type, and dynamic balance test is performed for the wheelset. Type 104 electro pneumatic brake controlled by electricity is used. The total refrigeration capacity of the air conditioning unit for the complete car is 2×29.03KW2×25000kCal/h, and with concentrated power supply mode. Main circuit cable and electrical connector are mounted inside and at end of the car respectively. The lighting can be realized by reflection with the lights through the complete car; and 25-type combination aluminum alloy windows are mounted. Integral glass fiber reinforced plastics products are used in the toilet and washroom, and the washbasin is made by stainless steel.

CSR - Passenger Coaches - YW25KYW25K air conditioned hard sleeping car

YW25K air conditioned hard sleeping car is new type of air-conditioned passenger car designed and manufactured according to technical specification for air-conditioned passenger car with 160km/h.

According to the general drawing, 11 half or opening type compartments are arranged with 6-berth in each compartment. The ceiling are integral shaped engineering plastic. Wall panel is made of engineering plastic or FRP with beautiful looking.Type 160 bogie is adopted for running gear. Type 104 disc brake gear and F8 electro-pneumatic brake gear are adopted. Centralized control plug door is adopted. There is a pneumatic seal closet in the toilet.Vestibule diaphragm is provided. There is a passenger information display system in the compartment. Toilet and washing room is made of FRP with integral structure. The interior level is improved.

The operation life of YW25K Air-conditioned hard sleeping car is 30 years, overhaul is 7.5 years,and steel structure will not be cut for 15 years. Drawing number is SFK156 and SFK157.

This type of car is featured by rapid speed, smooth and comfortable riding quality and easy maintenance.

Rapid Transit Vehicles

CSR - Rapid Transit - ShanghaiShanghai Mingzhu Line Phase 2

A train unit usually consists of one trail car and two motor cars, and six cars are grouped into a train. The bogie without bolsters, and the construction is welded together with low alloy steel plates. A two-level suspension system is adopted. Car bodies are made of large hollow extruded sections of aluminum alloy, which is modularized and light. The underframe is a monocoque structure without center sills. Electric driving systems are controlled with AC microcomputer-controlled VVVF technology. Power mode: overhead contact line.

CSR - Rapid Transit - NanjingNanjing Subway Train on Line I

Just one driver or an automatic monitoring and controlling system can operate the train; a train unit usually consists of one trail car and two motor cars, and six cars are grouped into a train. At both ends of the train, there are devices for passengers to escape from emergencies. The traction adopts VVVF control. The train body is made of aluminum alloy. The bogie is without bolsters. Power mode: overhead contact line.

CSR - Rapid Transit - SPL2SPL2 Railway Vehicles

SPL2 vehicles adopt DC 1500V contact lines for power and are marshaled in this way: =A+B+C-C+B+A=, in which B and C are motor cars.

The vehicle bodies are all made of hollow extruded sections of aluminum alloy, which are capable of general bearing, and are all welded together. In design, modularization and minimum mass are adopted and the bodies can last for 35 years. The head of the train is designed to have a stream-lined covering of glass-reinforced plastics and equipped with emergency doors and looks neat, pretty and bright.

In consideration of the idea “passengers enjoy paramount importance”, each compartment is equipped with two heavy-duty air conditioning units and has its glass-reinforced plastic seats with stainless posts and arm rests arranged in two longitudinal lines. In addition, there are also very sophisticated systems for traveling information and broadcasting such as automatic arrival alarming, indoor LED information display at both ends of passenger compartments, and 5 dynamic route maps, giving passengers sufficient information both in sound and video.

For SPL2 vehicles much thought has been given to mix safety and reliability in the system with new technologies. MVB and hardwired control are adopted and have sufficient functional redundancy and are welled backed up. 48-digit micro processors are used for traction control, IGBT modules for invertors, three-phased AC asynchronous machines for train motors, and Knorr microcomputer-controlled analogous direct brakes for air braking systems. New technologies are used in traction, antiskid braking and regenerative braking priority.

SPL2 bogies are made by welding of H steel plates of dilute alloy and high strength without bolsters. External axle boxes and cylindrical roller bearings are used. The bogies have a two-level suspension system, one level suspension being made of steel plates-inversed V springs and the other level adopting air springs; flexible gear couplings are used to connect the drive unit to the traction motor. Making of this kind of bogies have taken the condition along the routes in Shanghai and Guangzhou and actual operation experience into account and the design is also optimized, accordingly.

CSR - Rapid Transit - Shanghai MingzhuShanghai Mingzhu Subway III

Metropolis, the most cutting-edge technology in the world, is adopted in the subway train of Shanghai Pearl Line. Such wide Type A subway vehicle is made of aluminum alloy with 3m wide of train carriage. Each train consists of 6 carriages, including locomotives 22.8m in length and trailer 24.4m in length. The train adopts AC drive and is equipped with vehicle mount computer system, ATC automatic system and automatic failure alarm system.

CSR - Rapid Transit - GuangzhouSubway Vehicle of Guangzhou Line Three

CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. won the order of 120 vehicles type B of Guangzhou Subway Line Three united with Siemens in May 2003. The design of Guangzhou Subway Line Three has sufficiently satisfied the demands of natural environment in Guangzhou area and organization of running on express trunk line, with safe and reliable running, convenient use and maintenance, and comfortable seating. The average import substitution rat of vehicle will be over 70% while guaranteeing the progress of whole vehicle and under possible. The design lifetime of vehicle’s structure is 35 years.

CSR - Rapid Transit - Linear MotorLinear Motor Subway Vehicle

The linear motor subway vehicle is one of the currently most advanced urban rail transportation means in the world, and named due to its adoption of linear motor dragging technology. Compared to the traditional rotating motor subway vehicle, the linear motor subway vehicle has such high performances as low construction cost, low operating cost, low noise, strong climbing capacity and curve negotiating capacity, and simple maintenance, etc., applicable to the areas with large gradient, numerous turns, and complex urban geologic framework.

CSR - Rapid Transit - Urban RailUrban Rail Train of Batong Line of the Beijing Subway

It is the urban rail train designed and manufactured for, and applied to the Batong Line of the Beijing Subway, west from Sihui, and east to Tuqiao, with total length of 18.964 km. In the initial stage, it is equipped with 96 vehicles 24 trains: grouping by 4 units per train, 2Mor cars+2Trailers.

Multiple Units

CSR - DMU - VenezuelaDMU for Venezuela

The main power system of DMU for Venezuela adopts the mode of diesel hydraulic transmission. This DMU is composed of two motor cars with driver’s cab and three trailers in the middle. Two DMUs can beoperated tandemly. The cross section of the carbody meets UIC506-C loading gauge. One CAT 3508B diesel engine is mounted on the motor car to transmit traction force to front bogie throught one SF2010 hydraulic transmission device. One MTAl1-G1 diesel engine and one AC generator are set to supply 400V, 50Hz three-phase AC power for air conditioner system in the rear trailer. One BCI184E24 generator supplies 120V, 60Hz AC power for the lighting system. One DC generator in the motor car provides 110V DC power for the control system and emergency power supply system of the whole DMU.

There are passenger rooms in the motor car and trailer with hard seats. There are air conditioners, cooling drinking water machine and western type stool in the car, and sanitary box with capacity of 400L under the car. There are telephone system, PLC tandemly control system and colour liquid crystal display screen, enabling the central control of lighting, air conditioning, sliding door and information display system.

CSR - DMU - Sri LankaDMU for Sri Lanka

The composition of DMU is 1MC+4T+1TC. There are cabs at the end of motor car and trailer cars, with necessary control appliance and display meter in the cab. The power for lighting and controlling is transferred by multi-core cable. The air pipe line for brake system runs through the DMU. The DMU can be operated normally in the cab of motor car and in the cab of trailer car. DMU has the function of operating two DMUs tandemly.

The motor car is equipped with an MTUl2V396TCl4 diesel engine for supplying traction force with output power of 1015kW, and the AC-DC main transmission mode. DMU adopts JF205E synchronous AC generator and traction motor with nose suspension by ZDl10B sliding bearing with dynamic brake function. The air brake system is exported KNORR brake system.

The motor car has interior aisle and single cab with passenger room. The trailer is equipped with glass steel chair along the side wall, with luggage rack over the chair and stainless steel hand rails and suspension links in the middle part like those in light rail or subway. The trailer car is designed with driver’s cab and conductor’s room at one end; the other parts are similar to the passenger room of trailer.

The bogie of motor car is BO-BO axle arrangement, while trailer ad trailer car adopt the bogie of BO-BO axle arrangement.

CSR - DMU - NamibiaDMU for Namibia

The diesel hydraulic transnmission is adopted as The main power system of DMU for Namibia adopts the mode of diesel hydraulic transmission. This DMU is designed in terms of the characteristics of the local environment and is operated normally in tropic zones and dusty and windy areas. Each DMU is composed of one motor car with driver’s cab, a trail car with driver’s cab at one end and another two trail cars in the middle, among which the trail car with driver’s cab is first-class car and two trailer cars in the middle are second-class cars. The DMU is equipped with telephone system, audio and broadcasting system as well as PLC tandem control system and color LED display, which can be used to centrally control the lighting, air conditioning, sliding door and information display system.

CSR - DMU - China Star"China Star” AC EMU with the speed of 270km/h

Based on the AC drive motor car in the State Ninth Five-Year Plan and the localized AC drive passenger electric locomotive, China Star , the high speed AC drive motor car of 270km/h, by absorbing advanced international technologies, has been developed as the first high speed power-concentrated motor car, which owns independent IPRS.

The overall design is highly integrated and modularized. The equipment layout adopts the popular type available in AC motor cars all over the world, which means to be equipped with middle through-corridor, slant symmetrical layout and box-like driver''s desk.

Having adopted domestically-made GTO water cooling converter and 1225kw high power asynchronous traction motor, the electric drive system is featured with wide constant power range, high axle power, super adhesion, high efficiency and power factor, etc..

The control system adopts distributed micro-computer network control system, and redundancy design with mainframe hot preparation and redundancy I/O is applied to improve running reliability of the whole motor units.

3. Adopting wide car-body drum profile, integral load structure with super light thin shell and double-crown streamline head first applied in China, convergence pressure wave is reduced.

Adopting roof interlayer ventilation method, independent ventilation type is applied to traction motor, water cooling to main converter and oil cooling to main transformer. Compound aluminum board cooler with water and oil is adopted.

CSR - DMU - Star of Central Plain“Star of Central Plain” AC EMU with the speed of 160km/h

This 160km/h EMU is a 25 kV AC-DC-AC power distributed EMU. Its formation is Mc + Tp + M + M + Tp + Mc , with seating capacity of 548, maximum operation speed of 160km/h and traction power of 3200kW. Power supply for EMU is adopted with microcomputer network control technology, while concentrated rectifying and distributed invert is adopted for auxiliary circuit. The bogie is a new type of bolsterless power distributed and non-power bogie. Carbody is adopted with light drum-shaped body, while car head is made of integral FRP with streamlined exterior. The interior decoration is very beautiful and luxurious with coordinative color. EMU is capable of excellent starting and acceleration performance. It can meet the requirement of safe and reliable operation.

CSR - DMU - Pioneer"Pioneer"200km/h power separated type AC transmission EMU

’’Pioneer’’200km/h power separated type AC transmission EMU, listed in the National Ninth Five-year Plan as key project, is the first series of AC power separated transmission EMU with maximum running speed of 200km/h and maximum testing speed of 250km/h. This EMU consists of two units totally six wagons, each unit consists of 3 wagongs, including two driving wagons and one driven wagon. The EMU is equipped with one first class wagon with soft seats, and five wagons of second class, for fixed passengers of 424 in total.

The domestic produced EMU first adopts advanced control systems, such as the AC-DC-AC trans-mission system, microcomputer controlled direct electro-penumatic simulating type braking system and microcomputer network control system. Furthermore, it adopts new type units such as new type traction transformer, IPM current trans-former set, asynchronous traction motor, powered bogie without bolster, non-powered bogie, electric powered and pneumatically controlled sliding doors, induction internal end doors and vacuum toilet waste discharge devices, etc.

In the train there are cabs for diver, cabinets for conductors, electric power distribution, broadcasting, washing, toilet and cleaning-wares as well as snack counters and telephones. The wagon body is of a cylindrical structure with integrated-load bearing without a central beam and all-welding structure. A streamlining type structure is adopted at the front parts of the first and last train wagons. The lower parts of trainsets of each wagon are epuipped with skirt plates made of aluminum alloy. Air conditioning system operates in all seasons, which has the function of concentrated control for air conditioning.