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Vosslohstrasse 4

Werdohl , 58791



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Fax +49 2392 523 75

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Company information

Vossloh Group

Vossloh is among the global leaders in the rail technology market. Its business focuses on rail infrastructure products and services and is subdivided into three divisions: Core Components, Customized Modules, Lifecycle Solutions. The fourth division, Transportation (no longer a core business), includes locomotives, local transport rail vehicles as well as electrical components for rail vehicles and trolleybuses, etc. With an order backlog of over 1.3 billion Euro (fiscal year 2014), the company is active in approximately 30 countries worldwide and has more than 5,700 employees.

Our business

Our Core Components division bundles our range of self-developed and industrially manufactured mass products required in sizable quantities for rail infrastructure projects—primarily rail fastening systems.

In our Customized Modules division we offer customers single-source solutions on the basis of our worldwide experience and skills in the development and manufacture of project-specific switch systems.

The Lifecycle Solutions division supplies comprehensive rail maintenance services including, in particular, preventive care, maintenance, and the machining of rails and turnouts along with rail logistics.

The Transportation division offers customers a broad range including locomotives, local transport rail vehicles, electrical components for rail vehicles, and trolleybuses.

Company information

Headquarters location Vosslohstrasse 4
58791 Werdohl
Office locations
Avenue de Colmar 21
92565 Rueil-malmaison cedex
Some facts
Founded in
Founded by

Eduard Vossloh

Company Size


  • Light Rail
  • Maintenance
  • Overhead Lines
  • Rails

Product information

Vossloh - Fastening Systems 

Core Components - Fastening Systems

Concrete Sleepers

  • W 14
  • W 14 HH
  • E 21
  • W 21
  • W 21 HS
  • W 25 N
  • W 21 SH
  • W 21 T
  • W 28
  • W 30
  • W 30 HH / W 30 HH AP
  • SB-4
  • Rapid W-System

Steel Sleepers

  • W 30 Hook-In

Slab Track

  • DFF 21
  • W 25 Tram
  • 300
  • DFF 300
  • 300 UTS
  • DFF 300 UTS
  • 304
  • 306
  • 336 / 336 SD
  • DFF Metro
  • W-Tram

Ribbed Plates

  • BTE 14
  • KS
  • KS 24

Further products

  • Sleeper Anchoring Device SN
  • Sleeper Anchoring Device SV
  • Rail web damping


  • Point components and logistics service

Vossloh - Points & Crossing Equipment

Customized Modules - Points & Crossings Equipment

Points and crossings

Our range of points and crossings makes it possible for all types of railways to cross and separate, using simple turnouts as well as the most complex crossovers.

Explore our ranges, suitable for all networks, including:

  • V-Speed for high-speed
  • V-Net for conventional national railways
  • V-Freight for heavy goods and special lines (freight, industry)
  • V-Tram for modern tramways
  • V-Met for heavy-duty rapid transit systems, light tire vehicles and VAL

Points and crossings components

Vossloh Cogifer also offers all kinds of points and crossings spare parts:

  • Driving rod
  • Glue insulated joint
  • Check rail
  • Check rail support
  • Slide chairs
  • Bearers
  • Clamping devices


Cast manganese frog with mobile points:

This product is exclusively produced by Vossloh Cogifer for High Speed systems. It enables crossing at speeds greater than 320 km/h in a straight line, and 230 km/h in reverse. Other different applications may be envisaged in this domain, for example, cast manganese frogs with mobile points for switch gear designed for heavy loads.

Manganese frog with welded branch lines:

This is the most important innovation in the manganese frog domain, reputed for their high resistance. The Vossloh Cogifer Design Office has developed an industrial process to weld rails to the frog instead of clipping them; thus perfect continuity of the track is guaranteed in straight lines or curves. Approximately 2,000 frogs of this type are manufactured per year. Several national networks have already chosen this solution in Europe (Belgium, France, Italy, Scandinavia), in Africa and in the United States.

Expansion joints

Vossloh Cogifer expansion joints are intended to ensure continuity of the main track structures despite temperature variations, ensuring perfectly continuity of running, since the rail type and inclination are identical to those of the running track.

They allow 2 lines of rails broken in line with the moving parts of the structures, to move longitudinally.

This longitudinal movement is caused mainly by movement of the rail fixed to the moving part of the structure, by the movement of the continuous welded rail on the structure and by braking or traction forces.

In a continuous welded rail section of track, expansion joints absorb the effects caused by movements induced by expansion of rails and structures (bridges, viaducts, etc.).

A guardrail increases safety as the train passes over the structure where the expansion joint is installed. These guardrails are placed so that they do not interfere with tamping work.

Vossloh-Cogifer's expansion joints are designed to fit into the tracks without restricting speed

Signalling products

For each type of rail network, Vossloh Cogifer offers a full range of signalling products. We are developing products to optimize safety on the track and for points and crossings in many countries around the world, for tramways, rapid transit systems, conventional railway, high and very high speed lines.

These products result from our accumulated expertise and careful choice of design options. Some of our products are unique on the market:

  • Easyswitch-R, the integrated actuation system
  • VCC Clamp lock
  • Moving point lock (VPM)
  • Paulvé point detector
  • Traffic detector
  • Switch actuation mechanisms

Signalling systems

Vossloh Cogifer designs signalling solutions tailor-made for tramways and railways, for both passenger and freight transport. As an integrator, it is skilled in running turnkey projects from start to finish: from the design stage through to commissioning, including research, procurement, manufacture, assembly, testing and training.

A customized package

Vossloh Cogifer offers several product ranges and signalling systems for various markets.

  • Computer-controlled relay interlocking stations, using safety relays for interlocking. These stations have the flexibility of computer control for non-safety aspects.
  • Computerized interlocking stations in which all functions are software controlled and centralized in a computer with safety integrity level 4 (SIL4).
  • Remote control and monitoring system (SNTI), safety level SIL2, for remote control of computerized or relay stations, via traditional or computerized stations (TCO).

Our package includes products designed and developed by Global Rail Systems (GRS), a Vossloh Cogifer subsidiary:

  • By-pass station management systems for freight networks (FAS-PAS). This patented technology uses simplified interlock systems based on the use of radio remote control and monitoring from on board the trains.
  • Marshalling yard management systems (MYA) including automatic control of points and crossings, signals and routes with computerized equipment.

Various other signalling products, such as audio railway circuits, coded railway circuits, time delay safety modules, derailment detector, etc.

A global solution

For each project, Vossloh Cogifer forms a tailor-made team bringing together the necessary skills. This way of working gives our customers a number of benefits: a global solution designed to meet their needs completely. A project can thus incorporate connected telephone and remote maintenance systems, at a very competitive price, giving a high level of responsiveness in design of the solution helping to reduce and control completion times.

Safety levels meeting the strictest standards

Vossloh Cogifer designs signalling solutions to SIL requirements as defined by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC). Our methods and products are certified to level 4, the highest level for passenger transport.

Track monitoring

Vossloh Cogifer and its subsidiary, SIEMA Applications have offer their PRIME customers a complete and innovative line of products for preventive and event driven remote monitoring of railway equipment located on the track, in signalling boxes or in train stations.

A complete, modular product range

Vossloh Cogifer helps its customers from the outset with their remote monitoring or predictive maintenance project. The company diagnoses need to recommend tailor-made solutions. We provide an answer for every problem relating to monitoring of equipment, on all types of railway line.

A cutting-edge technology package

The Group's product range includes the latest digital communications technology: connection to the GSM-R network allows wireless installation and use of IP keeps the costs of installation or modifications to the installation down. On one installation, we can combine all of these new technologies with the existing analog environment.

PRIME consists mainly of the following products:

  • SIAM: for remote monitoring, this software remotely provides accurate and reliable information on the state of the equipment. It provides real help with deciding on and preparing site intervention.
  • SURVAIG NG and SURTRACK: respectively designed for predictive maintenance of track equipment and track circuits, they warn the maintenance department of a possible fault and of changes to particular parameters. A quick response can then be made to prevent any malfunction. Control systems consist of an event-recorder, a user configuration tool, a local diagnostic tool and a web server diagnostic tool. SURVAIG NG and SURTRACK are developed on a common platform and are fully compatible.
  • BTW « automatic Break Transmission in electrical Wire » is a real time remote monitoring system able to detect a cable cut (Download the brochure).
  • It allows:
  • To detect and localize in real time a cable cut with an accuracy of 50 meters
  • The doubt removing thanks to the redundancy of the system: each alert detected by a first sensor is confirmed immediately by the second
  • The system sends an alarm in real time to the monitoring station on a dedicated Man Machine Interface
  • Information are transmitted to several stakeholders by E-mail or SMS
  • Finally, if a second cut occurs, the system will be able to give the length of stolen cable. The maintenance team will know at the same time the localization of the incident and the right quantity of cable they have to dispatch to repair.


SIEMA Applications is an industrial company, working for 50 years in the railway telecommunications sector, whose success is based on technological innovation, to give its customers the best of the technology with an innovative solution, from analog to VoIP.

SIEMA Applications provides communications everywhere, and on every type of medium.

Vossloh Cogifer and its subsidiary, SIEMA Applications offer a wide range of railway telephony products, incorporating the best communication technologies ensure passenger safety.

Global solutions

Our well-known capabilities, accrued over the company's long history, mean we can offer our customers turnkey systems and a customized service. Vossloh Cogifer offers a complete range of services associated with design through to delivery of points and crossings, for all networks.

Turnkey equipment

  • Supply: Our track equipment is manufactured, assembled in the workshop, tested and may be dispatched premounted onto special wagons: this solution cuts the track stoppage times, while giving a better price/quality ratio.
  • Customized services: Vossloh Cogifer offers a full range of services, constantly alert to meet its customers' expectations as closely as possible.
  • Pre-project services: In the lead-up to a project, Vossloh Cogifer offers a range of reliable, lasting solutions for its customers, through a diverse package: location assessment and route recommendations, switch design, and rail-wheel contact analyses.
  • Implementation of projects: We design and manufacture railway safety equipment, to support the implementation of your projects. We provide pre-assembly and acceptance services in our workshops. We support you with supervision of storage and pre-assembly on site, as well as fitting our points and crossings and their equipment on the track. Finally, Vossloh Cogifer can also perform final verification before commercial operation begins.
  • Post-project services: During commercial operation, we provide you with inspection and diagnostic services, consultancy for preventive or corrective maintenance, cleaning and renovation. We also provide regular inspection services, through multi-annual contracts for following up all the equipment operated on one network.
  • Training: Vossloh Cogifer develops partnerships with its customers, providing training services for installation, operation, cleaning and maintenance of its products. These training sessions can take place at our Reichshoffen training center in Alsace, or at the customer's own premises.
  • Expertise: Vossloh Cogifer's service specialists offer high-quality support to their customers throughout the life-cycle and on all types of network: conventional and high-speed tracks, rapid transit systems, tramway and special tracks.

Very high speed

For a ballasted or slab track, Vossloh Cogifer is the preferred contact for manufacture and supply of specialized points and crossings. Vossloh Cogifer's patented technology for movable manganese monobloc frogs and fully-inclined running table are designed for trains to operate at the highest speeds, in the safest and most comfortable conditions.

So far, over 1500 very high speed points and crossings have been supplied by Vossloh Cogifer to various networks around the world.

Explore V-Speed, our full range of reliable, performance points and crossings for very high speed lines.

560 km/h
This is the speed at which the TGV travelled over the Vossloh Cogifer points and crossings on its record-breaking 578.4 km/hr run in France, in April 2007.

One record can hide another
When the world speed record was set on the Est Européenne high-speed line on 3 April 2007, at about 1.14 p.m. the record-breaking train ran through TG 1/46 - 60E1- 60E1A4 points and crossings, designed and manufactured by Vossloh Cogifer, at a speed of 560 km/h at kilometre 188, some 3 km after the record at 574.8 km/h.

The entire running table of these movable point frog points and crossings is inclined at 1 in 20, a feature providing optimum stability at high speed, as confirmed by many test runs at speeds above 300 km/h. The points and crossings are fitted with safety devices and operating mechanisms developed by Vossloh Cogifer.

National railways

V-Net, a full range of points and crossings for conventional railways network

To meet the needs of conventional and suburban lines, Vossloh Cogifer has developed the manganese monobloc frog with welded antennas, as well as suitable operating and safety devices.

Through its many subsidiaries, Vossloh Cogifer can provide a local, customized service meeting local needs as quickly as possible, throughout the world.

Heavy haul / Special tracks

V-Freight, a full range of points and crossings for heavy-haul

The heavy-goods rail freight market is experiencing significant growth today.

For decades, Vossloh Cogifer has supplied points and crossings for networks transporting ore, with axle weights of up to 42 tons.

It can meet very specific needs, with its prehardening technology for frogs (extreme temperatures, snow cover, sand cover, etc.).


V-Tram, a full range of points and crossings for modern tramways

Vossloh Cogifer designs and produces complete motorized points and crossings solutions and signalling systems for tramways, regardless of the rail profile or technique used.

For maximum comfort, safety and reliability, Vossloh Cogifer has developed machined, solid monobloc points, to optimize life cycle cost of points and crossings.

V-Tram also offers you a complete range of services

  • Project: Location assessments, route recommendations, choice of points
  • Completion: Pre-assembly, help with laying, commission on site and acceptance on track, monitoring of points and crossings and signalling systems
  • Maintenance and after-sales service: V-Survey, a management and maintenance support tool for all your network points and crossings (inspection, diagnostics, maintenance, renovation, expertise)
  • Training: Installation or maintenance of track equipment or signalling systems

Metro (Iron / Tyre) and VAL

V-Met, a full range of points and crossings for all kind of metros

The rapid transit system is for public transport. Vossloh Cogifer has a full range of points and crossings and signalling equipment for all types of light transit system, rail or tire: heavy and light transit systems, automatic transit vehicles.

Vossloh Cogifer can install and commission pre-assembled and pre-tested devices very quickly, reducing traffic stoppages and optimizing costs.

For light transit systems using fully automated, VAL technology (automatic light vehicles), Vossloh Cogifer has developed and patented special mobile points for route changes.

Clicomatic - rail lubrication

Clicomatic is easy to install practically anywhere. The Clicomatic rail lubrication equipment has been developed by Vossloh Nordic Switch Systems, the Scandinavian subsidiary of the Vossloh Cogifer group, together with the Swedish Infrastructure owner.

The importance of rail lubrication in reducing wear on rails and wheel flanges has been recognized for a long time. The need to reduce noise and vibrations can also be a factor requiring the lubrication of rails at switches or in curves, especially in urban environments. Investigations show that wear on the wheel flanges is reduced by 50% when Clicomatic is used. Lifetime of switch tongues and stock rails will also increase considerably. In this way the lifespan of the rail and the wheel flanges increases remarkably and achieves long-term cost-savings.

Clicomatic consists of two units: a steel cabinet, which is mounted on a pole beside the track and a grease gun housing, which is fastened on a sleeper in the track. A protection hose in which the cables and grease hose run connects both pieces.

Passing trains create vibrations in the rails and these are detected by the vibration sensor mounted in the grease gun. From here a signal is sent to the control unit, and the lubricant is then ejected through the four holes of the nozzle in pre-programmed intervals. These intervals are adjustable, and may be adjusted according to the characteristics of the trains, such as train speed, loading, length, contact surface between wheel flange and rail, curve radius and type of grease. We offer our customers individually adapted designs based on their needs and requirements. Clicomatic can operate on railways, tramways, subways, harbours and industrial tracks and also in mines.

Clicomatic is available with three different power systems: gas, electricity and solar energy. All systems are designed so that you do not have to drill or otherwise interfere with the rail. This will practically eliminate all wear on the lubrication equipment, and it will be reliable and without problems when in use. Additionally, the systems are both cost effective and environmentally friendly since they only use the precise amount of lubricant needed to lubricate the rail effectively.

Easy to install practically anywhere, easy, quick and clean to change grease quality (recommended environmental friendly grease is Vossloh Nordic BIO -25/40°C Rail Grease), the use of Clicomatic is simple and the need for service and maintenance is exceptionally low.

Clicomatic has already been installed in many countries in Europe, North America and Asia and suits to every market and application in the world.

Vossloh - Rail Services

Lifecycles Solutions - Rail Services

  • High Speed Grinding
  • High Speed Grinding City
  • Rail System and Turnout Services
  • Flexis System to Maintain Rails and Switches
  • Mobile Milling
  • Rail Replacement
  • Loading and Unloading Systems
  • Mobile Welding
  • Semi-Stationary Welding
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Rail Car Rental
  • Stationary Welding
  • Rail Plus
  • Glued Insulated Joints
  • "Invisible" welds
  • Long Welded Rails
  • Rail Reconditioning
  • Consulting and Inspectio

Press releases