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Public Transport

Trapeze systems automate many tasks associated with planning, managing, delivering and measuring of transport services, connecting data across internal applications and external systems.

From the back office, to the operations center, and to the vehicle, our scalable and extensible solutions automate time-consuming tasks.

Our enterprise suite of software solutions can optimise results and provide end-to-end connectivity between tightly integrated systems.

Planning & Analysis for Passenger Transport

As transport organisations struggle to do more with less, effective transport planning and analysis software is crucial. New technologies can produce internal data that can be very valuable, and many types of external data, including maps, demographic data and service areas. The challenge is managing these data to obtain relevant information.

Trapeze develops solutions that fulfil the needs of transport authorities and operators to gather and analyse data in order to cut costs, improve service and automate the creation of reports. Our solutions assist you to

  • Define your routes
  • Define geographical points, time points, stops, depots, relief points etc.
  • Define route patterns and route variations
  • Easily create new routes or change existing ones

These powerful, easy-to-use, GIS-based tools integrate with scheduling systems, third-party data and mobile technologies to help managers, planners and schedulers build better services.

Schedule Adherence

Trapeze offers an advanced, fully integrated planning system providing tools for

  • schedule adherence
  • bus schedule analysis
  • ridership analysis
  • demand forecasting and
  • future service planning.

Maintain optimum service levels with the help of accurate up to date information about schedule adherence and passenger statistics with Trapeze schedule adherence and planning software.

Public Transport Operator and Vehicle Performance

Trapeze offers a complete fleet monitoring and tracking system that enables transport authorities and operators to evaluate and compare the performance of both their vehicles and their operators. Through a proactive and preventative bus monitoring system you can not only reduce vehicle downtime but accidents and collisions as well.

Capture and analyse driver and vehicle performance metrics such as

  • fuel consumption
  • g-forces
  • throttle position and
  • braking

Measurements such as

  • acceleration
  • cornering and
  • fuel usage

enable instructors to provide quantitative feedback. This solution is designed to help decrease operational costs, save fuel and improve the overall passenger experience.


Analyse passenger data, identify key patterns and develop reports using sophisticated ridership analysis tools. Trapeze enables transport organisations to utilise integrated maps, schedules and ridership data from automatic passenger counts (APC) to add, delete and modify service.

Our transportation planning and ridership analysis solutions offer an advanced, fully integrated planning system that provides tools for schedule adherence analysis, ridership analysis, demand forecasting as well as the ability to plan using GIS data. By this the authorities obtain a better understanding of existing and future service.

Business Intelligence

The Trapeze transport business analysis tool is a reporting, monitoring and analysis solution designed to enable more predictable business performance by putting actionable information into the hands of key decisions makers. Capable of integrating both Trapeze and non-Trapeze data, our business analysis offering is designed to empower every user to easily gain access to, interact with, and leverage operational and financial information for more timely and effective business decisions.

Trapeze public transport business analysis software integrates key performance information from across the transport organisations into a “transport data mart”. The transport data mart enables interactive, thin client and browser-based access to management and performance reports as well as graphical “dashboard” screens that enable users to easily view important data in an easy to read format.

Trapeze System can generate statistics and key data on whether plans and production targets have been met. The data can concern income, expenditure and profitability and can be distributed on lines, zones, operating areas, contracts and much more.

Location and Stop Management

Managing your bus stop inventory and inventory at railway stops can provide big challenges, especially when assets number in the thousands and resources are limited. Manually recording and updating this information is inefficient and prone to error. Furthermore, it can be difficult to share that information with other users and downstream systems while ensuring consistency across the organisation.

We allow surveyors to

  • geocode locations
  • record and update amenity lists and attributes
  • create work orders for maintenance.

As a stand-alone system, part of a larger Trapeze system, or integrated with third-party applications, our solution connects your bus stop, rail stop and location data with other enterprise systems, creating a seamless flow of information.

Contract Management

Module for Scandinavian market.

Trapeze Contract Manager is a comprehensive system for the management and administration of contracts between public transport authorities and public transport operators. The system has facilities for

  • calculation of service volumes and contracts
  • budget calculation and analysis
  • account settling
  • cost and revenue allocation
  • statistics.

The system is to a wide extend parameter-based to ensure an easy adjustment to changes in the contracts and to new contract agreements. Contract Manager is seamlessly integrated with the Trapeze modules for timetable and block planning and uses data from these modules. The seamless integration ensures that data changes in timetables and block plans are automatically reflected in Trapeze Contract Manager.


Trapeze Scheduling tool is available for scheduling all modes of people transport, from the fixed route service, to flexible, integrated and door-to-door transport services.

Public transport professionals struggle daily with competing requirements to increase ridership, reduce vehicle and operator costs and improve service. To achieve balanced success with these goals, you need to start with a truly effective transport scheduling software solution.

Trapeze provides powerful planning of routes, timetables, blocks, duties and duty rosters to transport organisations of all sizes. Our automated software provides true flexibility, adapting easily to changes in service, work rules, ridership and the IT environment.

We help you increase the productivity of your scheduling department with time-saving features and reduce operating costs through more efficient resource allocation.

Fixed Route

Trapeze provides the public transport industry with powerful fixed route software that offers

  • effective routing
  • scheduling
  • blocking
  • runcutting and rostering

solutions that have set industry standards.

Trapeze transport scheduling software enables planners and schedulers to creatively achieve the objectives of the organisation. Our fixed route scheduling software systems integrate with other components including planning tools, operations management, demand response scheduling, customer information (incl. Web and IVR), and intelligent transportation systems.

Demand Response

Through more than a decade of research and close collaboration with the public transport sector, Trapeze has become a world leader in the development and implementation of demand response scheduling and dispatch solutions. The Trapeze solution is in operation at several transport authorities and operators all over Europe and in the majority of large and medium-sized demand response transport agencies in North America.

The design and features of our

  • client registration
  • client certification
  • trip booking and
  • scheduling applications

are driven by real world needs and have been tested and refined through hundreds of implementations. Our advanced dispatch solutions enable planners and operators to closely monitor service, make changes on the fly and communicate changes to drivers in real-time.

Public Transport Flex Services

Trapeze flexible route software solutions are ideal for transport organisations that want to integrate fixed route and demand response services, or where passenger loads vary widely along a specific route. We provide flexible route and route deviated solutions for operations that require creative, adaptable approaches to providing transportation services.

Operations Management

Trapeze eliminates operational complexities with comprehensive solutions that are easy to use. Without sacrificing your team’s control
we automate and simplify frequently performed operational tasks such as: sign ons, daily dispatch, timesheet processing, workforce management, vehicle and fleet management, driver training and reporting.

Trapeze solutions for transport operations help to lower costs through better resource management and allocation. They take the productivity of dispatch and timekeeping teams, as well as reporting capabilities to a whole new level.

Our operations management solutions integrate with both Trapeze and third-party scheduling systems as well as human resources and payroll, accounts receivable and vehicle management software.

Workforce Management

Trapeze provides advanced workforce and duty management software which simplifies and streamlines the generation of duty plans, daily staff management and personnel administration.

For day-to-day staff management, a clear overview and a good software support are absolutely essential. Incorrect duty assignments can create unnecessarily high costs for the organisation. Trapeze system allows planned and unplanned changes to activities to be dealt with simply. Replacement staff can be contacted and assigned either automatically or manually. The system updates time accounts automatically, and at the same time it ensures that all labour agreements and working practice rules are respected.

With Trapeze Operation Management solutions agencies can streamline many frequently performed operational tasks. Long-term and medium-term duty planning can be simplified by using roster templates. Roster templates can be generated, edited and adjusted individually to match the changing needs of your operation.

Leveraging Web, IVR, texting (SMS) and email technologies, we enable employees to request information when and where they need it, and dispatchers to automatically send timely reminders and alerts to drivers and other personnel.

Vehicle Management

Trapeze provides advanced solutions for vehicle planning and management. Our solution supports the long-term management and the day-to-day adjustments. The Trapeze solution ensures an optimum utilisation of the vehicle fleet and ensures an optimum assignment of vehicles according to service requirements.

By using Trapeze software you achieve an easier and a more efficient way to handle the day-to-day operation.

Trapeze solution for vehicle management supports

  • registration of vehicle data
  • long-term vehicle assignment
  • day-to-day vehicle assignment
  • optimisation and "what-if" scenarios of blocks
  • incident management.

Trapeze Vehicle Manager handles the assignment of vehicles to vehicle blocks produced in Trapeze Block Planner. As a daily operations tool, the system handles the day-to-day vehicle assignments and handles the current deviations from the long-term vehicle assignments.

Real-time Dispatch

Real-time, responsive computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software helps provide state-of-the-art interaction between your control centre and your fleet, with leading edge, pinpointed data and customisable reporting capabilities. Our solutions provide state-of-the-art communications abilities including voice or data messages by vehicle, driver, run, block, group, route, garage, division IDs, or by map selection.

Trapeze real-time dispatch solutions are a compelling choice from an adaptable, forward-looking menu; begin as minimal or as comprehensive as your fleet requires, then build your system as you advance.

Each vehicle compiles large amounts of data for reporting that can be customised to your community and fleet — an absolute necessity for compliance, efficiency and funding.

Eco-driving and Driver Training

Trapeze - Eco DrivingTrapeze Bus Operator Training solutions provide the tools to help drivers improve their route knowledge and hazard awareness. It also features a direct link to the Trapeze back office suite for a full solution integration.

In Classroom:

Street level mapping combined with real route video footage, company specific audio commentary and training highlights provide a computer based training program that increases driver confidence and route awareness while decreasing the total cost of driver training.

In Vehicle:

Quantitative measurement of vehicle performance metrics such as g-force, braking, throttle and pedal position provide a means of comprehensively evaluating a driver’s in-vehicle performance, thus improving passenger comfort, reducing wear and tear on the vehicle and reducing fuel consumption.

Employee Communication

- available 24/7 via internet, SMS and apps.

Trapeze offers a range of targeted, intuitive and easily applicable solutions that enable transport companies to optimise and simplify communication between the company and its employees. Our solutions are based on modern technologies such as internet, SMS, tablet PC and smartphone apps. These provide constant access to company information, flexible and easy communication and a more straightforward administration.

Read more about Trapeze Crew App+.

Choose which information your employees can access. This could include all registered data on the individual employee, wage statements for a specific day or period as well as general company policies and instructions.

Furthermore, employees are able to:

  • view their own shift plans and their colleagues’ shifts – including an individual shift status
  • view an entire shift plan period or individual shifts
  • gain an easy and fast overview of the content of performed work, incl. a view of the nominal and efficient work hours
  • request specific work hours or time off
  • view current and planned time off and absences
  • register pre-attendance
  • sign in
  • sign out
  • view the forthcoming shift plan, incl. details on each shift
  • continuously receive messages and information from the operations office

AVLC / Real Time Dispatch

Trapeze - AVLCService providers operating in the local public transport sector today are under increasing pressure to offer better services with fewer resources. For this reason, close attention must be paid to the efficiency of day-to-day operations.

The comprehensive control system from Trapeze provides transport authorities with valuable support increasing the efficiency of their operations while minimizing the required application of resources. It offers dispatchers a permanent overview of all operations. On the one hand, this allows trouble to be detected and corrected at an early stage, and on the other hand personnel and vehicle resources can be deployed efficiently.

The Trapeze control system enhance the power and attractiveness of buses and trains. They also give consideration to the requirements of multy-agency transport organisations.

Control Centre Solutions

The automatic vehicle location and control system (AVLC) from Trapeze supports public urban transport authorities by offering them technological, ecological, and commercial expertise. It offers dispatchers a permanent overview of all operations. On the one hand, this allows trouble to be detected and corrected at an early stage, and on the other hand personnel and vehicle resources can be deployed efficiently.

In short: Computerized operations planning helps transport authorities increase th efficiency of their operations while minimizing the required application of resources.

Efficient operations control

The AVLC by Trapeze supports companies providing local public transport services with technical and economic expertise for the management of a vehicle fleet, whether this has 50 or 10,000 vehicles. Products and solutions by Trapeze let you keep your transport company reliably in control!

Our computerised AVLC system makes company procedures more efficient while minimising the extent of resources required. In this way, both performance and appeal of bus and train can be improved. Consideration is also given to the needs of multy-agency transport organisations.

State of the art Control Centre User Interface

The AVLC system by Trapeze gives dispatchers a clear view of all operational processes at all times. On the one hand, disruptions can be detected and remedied more swiftly, while on the other hand permitting optimised deployment of staff and vehicles.

All control centre workstations are equipped with a fully graphic intuitive user interface. The control computer software is open to a large degree of configuration in order to be able to take into consideration the needs and requirements of each individual transport company.

New technologies such as Voice-over-IP mean that the workplaces used by dispatchers and system administrators can be used as remote workstations in almost any geographic location: all that's needed is a LAN connection. This is particularly advantageous in control centres managing vehicles for several different transport companies (e.g. in a multi-agency) or in a decentralised depot.
The use of the Trapeze operations control system makes the work of the control centre staff more efficient, among others when dispatching vehicles or communicating with each other. Among others, the control centre gives the dispatchers active information about disruptions. The workplace user interface can be configured extensively and adapted to personal preferences.

On-board Systems

Our on-board systems for buses and trains support drivers in their work and permit precisely-timed vehicle deployment by public transportation operators. More than 40,000 Trapeze on-board computers are in service worldwide, convincing customers and users alike by their simple installation, high performance, reliability, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Radio Communication

Regardless whether analogue or digital, the radio system forms the backbone of every modern computerised AVLC system because all central and decentral components are connected to each other by radio. Our system is outstanding for use in combination with digital radio, analogue radio and public radio networks. Within the AVLC system, the vehicles use whichever low-cost means of communication is available en route, including analogue data radio, digital radio (TETRA, TETRAPOL, GSM/GPRS) or other future procedures.

Analogue and digital radio systems can also be operated on a parallel basis. Depending on the given reception conditions, communication is either achieved via a private radio network or in the absence of radio coverage via a public network. The radio systems are operated in the vehicle and in the control centre, via a uniform, consistent interface that is transparent for the user.

Our customers can depend on their AVLC system working together with optimum results with all digital radio systems established on the market in both private and public networks.

Wayside Equipment

Public transport is attractive to the user if it is fast, punctual and travels within an optimised network in quick succession. Journey time analyses however continue to show that especially in inner city areas, time spent by buses and trams waiting at traffic signals often accounts for as much as 30% of the total journey time. This means that vehicles spend about a third of their journey time at a red light.

Our AVLC system includes a solution for traffic light pre-emption for buses and trams. This significantly shortens journey times, making public transport much more attractive to the passengers. In addition, the transport authority saves on resources - thanks to optimised block planning fewer vehicles are required to provide the same service.

Depot-data Management

All system components profit from central data supply, management and distribution. The data for the control system and all participant components need only be recorded once. This leads to a consistent supply, greater operational flexibility and lower labour costs.

The Depot Data Management (DDM) application developed by Trapeze is responsible in an AVLC system for data distribution between central data preparation and the target devices installed in the vehicles (on-board computer, multi-function display, etc.). Every depot has a number of access points (AP) for cordless data exchanger between depot server and vehicle. The DDM web client acts as user interface for operating the DDM system.

The following information amongst others is exchanged between the data centre and the depot server: Timetables, announcements, media data, statistical data, logs or device messages.

Passenger Information

Trapeze makes it easier to offer accurate information and interactive communication services to the public transport sector through a variety of media, including

  • call centers
  • web sites
  • automated phone (IVR) systems and
  • wireless devices.

Our solutions are flexible and modular, enabling you to plug in functionality as you need it.

Our passenger information systems form part of an enterprise transport IT system and can seamlessly integrate with intelligent transportation systems (ITS), including real-time vehicle location systems, wayside kiosks, on-board display systems, and ‘smart’ bus, tram and railway stops. Besides improving service with accessible, consistent and accurate information, these automated solutions help you build a loyal, long-term ridership.

Call Centre Trip Planning

Trapeze offers call centre trip planning software solutions such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Internet based (Web) and Short Message Service (SMS) solutions that automate the exchange of information without putting a burden on your call centre resources.

Customers can book trips when convenient, not just when the call centre is staffed.

When used in conjunction with mobile vehicle communications, the information provided is always accurate and up to date. Riders can also be automatically notified of service updates as they occur.

Customer Relationship Management

The Trapeze passenger relationship management software solution makes it easier for your riders to share their opinions and experiences. This can result in better information and more effective responses.

It uses automatic vehicle location (AVL) or mobile data terminals (MDTs) to deliver real-time service information to passengers and agents.

Our customer relationship management (CRM) solutions allows transport riders to file complaints or commendations via the Web and monitor your customer service department’s response. It extends the reach of your Trapeze passenger relationship management software to the Web and enables your organisation to more efficiently capture, manage and follow up on feedback.

Displays at Stops

The Trapeze stop signage systems display schedule adherence information with comments and/or arrival predictions. Display signs can be located at the bus terminals, depots, railway stations, or at other high traffic stops.

Electronic signs for stops use ruggedised, weather-resistant and vandal-proof enclosures. These signs are available with sizes to accommodate your choice of characters per line and lines per display and include pole-mounted as well as shelter-mounted options. These displays seamlessly integrate with the system software components that are used to generate real-time messages for display.

Once the passenger has reached the stop or station, our electronic SmartInfo displays an overview of the current departures of the various routes serving the stop. The sophisticated SmartInfo family of products consists of different display types, numerous add-on modules, and a variety of mounting solutions. Depending on the number of routes serving a particular stop, our displays are available with two, four, or eight lines. They are characterized by superior reliability and outstanding legibility. Their elegant styling and modularity allow them to be adapted to fit the local conditions and to meet the various functional or technical requirements. The displays offer an extremely high performance and can be used even in the harshest of conditions. Further advantages include easy installation and minimum maintenance.

Multifunctional Displays inside vehicles

Inside the vehicle Multifunctional Displays (MFD) provide passengers with a range of comprehensive information on routes, arrival times, and transfers that can be reached.

The Multifunctional Display is controlled by the on-board computer and can easily be integrated in any vehicle.

The dynamic data required by these displays are processed by the control system and transmitted online by radio to the vehicle. This enables the display of current transfers at the next stop, severe delays, network or operating disruptions as well as alternative journey options. Furthermore, this also allows the display of non-operational information such as cultural news, advertisements, or locality maps.

Stop Post and Timetable Publishing

Trapeze makes it easier to design and produce accurate, easy-to-read printed timetables with our Stop Post and Timetable Publishing solution.

Produce stop signage quickly and easily through automated export of timetable and stop from your transport database into standard desktop publishing applications.
Editing timetable information for the purpose of passenger information includes:

  • line number/description and headline
  • day type text (e.g. weekdays except Saturdays)
  • validity text (e.g. school days)
  • operator text
  • general footnotes
  • footnotes according to specific flags on trips
  • trip editing
  • editing connections / interchanges
  • node editing
  • Trip editing includes among other features the suppression of trips, trip combination, flags assigned to trips for footnotes, screen, etc.

Deliver printed schedule handbooks or ride guides efficiently through automated extraction of timetable data. Whichever—or both—you choose, the result is better customer service, improved productivity, and reduced costs.

Web Technologies

Trapeze makes it easier to offer accurate information and interactive communication services to public transport through our web integration solution. Using a variety of media, including Web sites, and wireless devices our solutions are flexible and modular, enabling you to plug in functionality as you need it.

Our online solutions enable the public to plan trips and access schedule and next bus information on many kinds of Web-enabled devices, including PCs, cell phones, PDAs, and kiosks. Agencies can integrate our software with their corporate Web sites, maintaining the existing online “look and feel.”

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Trapeze makes it easier to offer accurate information and interactive communication services to public transport through a variety of media including automated phone or interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Our public transport IVR solution enables passengers to access next bus and schedule information, faring, special bulletins and policy information on the telephone without speaking with a customer service representative.

Agencies can save time and money through clients using the phone for automatic and real-time reminders for upcoming scheduled demand response trips.

This service helps to eliminate no shows, missed trips; as well as saving on call center operating costs.

Mobile Services and Smart Phone Apps

Communicate efficiently with your customers and your personnel.

Trapeze helps agencies communicate effcitvely with their transport customers by providing personalised travel information services when, where and how riders need it. We also provide smart solutions that improve communication with transport employees and help streamline operations.

By combining schedule and real-time data with individual preferences and communicating that intelligence via Web, wireless Web, IVR, SMS or e-mail, Trapeze solutions can enhance the information services you currently offer your passengers and personnel.

The Trapeze iPhone application is a native downloadable Apple iPhone (and iPod Touch) application. It is an extension to the INFO-Web application and environment. The application enables public transport passengers to plan trips and access real-time route, bus stop and other critical transport information via their iPhone.


Those who opt for a fare management system from Trapeze today are ready for the challenges of tomorrow. We offer system solutions and high system efficiency in the areas of

  • Mobile ticketing
  • Fare management
  • Ticket printers / on-board computers
  • Ticket machines
  • Passenger entry control systems
  • Ticket validators

We develop, produce and market comprehensive ticketing solutions and can offer the entire supply chain in the field of fare management. Our products and solutions are tailored and produced in accordance with our customer’s needs and requirements. We have unbeatable know-how in both hardware and software. When it comes to the development and manufacture of our complex devices and systems, our customers profit from our 60 years of experience.

Mobile Ticketing

By combining ticket purchase and delivery with trip planning and enhanced with real time information on departures and delays, the mobile phone can become the key that unlocks the door to easier public transport trips.

Trapeze Mobile Ticketing is a secure application that includes mobile apps for passengers to purchase and redeem tickets and a sophisticated back office administration suite for agencies to ensure a safe environment for its customers.
Trapeze offers the most flexible solution in the market. The application works across all platforms, on all smartphones as well as on all Internet-enabled mobile phones.

Passengers can use this solution to purchase a wide range of tickets via their mobile phone or smartphone and pay directly through the application via debit card, credit card or pre-payment/promotion card.

Once a ticket is purchased, passengers can choose how to show the transit operator that the ticket is valid. It can appear on the device’s screen as a visible ticket, bar code to be scanned, or redeemed via Near Field Communications (NFC). The ticket is then stored on the phone & server(s) securely. If the ticket is valid, a beep or light flash confirms to vehicle operator and passenger that the ticket has been accepted.

Ticketing Management

Companies that sell their customers tickets, ticket coupons, cards for the day or a longer period will benefit from using Trapeze Ticketing Management System (TMS). TMS is used for handling the sales and usage of tickets in public transport and handling passes for students.

TMS gives sales staff and administration the best options for supplying, checking and managing tickets and students passes. TMS ensures an overview of revenue and reimbursements and settles accounts with operators, authorities, regions and municipalities.

TMS is used as an administration tool for managing discount schemes, subsidies, expenses and revenues. TMS is independent of hardware providers, mobile telephone companies and card suppliers and can be integrated as a data generator between various inter-regional systems. Today, TMS communicates with a number of systems within public transport. Trapeze ticketing and travel pass management system include central back office management as well as various front office applications.

The core of the system is a back office system including the

  • administration of travel passes
  • client database
  • client certification
  • travel pass issuing
  • system operation
  • clearing, revenue allocation and control.
  • The back office system is independent of providers of hardware and card and communication technology and supports the clients' individual processes for administration and work flow.

Solutions include

  • on-board technology
  • kiosk solutions
  • mobile
  • sms-ticketing
  • internet applications
  • and immediately adapt to future payment technologies and processes.

Ticket Printers / On-board Computers

The latest generation of 'ticontrol' ticket printers/on-board computers from Trapeze-Elgeba satisfy all modern standards. The future-safe concept of the ticontrol devices offers the highest system compatibility, which facilitates integration into existing customer systems. All devices have an innovative operating concept with an intuitive menu navigation.

Ticket Machines

Trapeze-Elgeba can offer both fixed and mobile ticket machines. The stationary series of machines 'ticomat' uses a future-safe technology and offers extremely ergonomic operation. All current payment methods can be accommodated. The large user screen is implemented as an innovative touch screen. The mobile ticket machines have a progressive user interface as well as new, more powerful hardware.

Entry Control Terminals

With the market swift away from traditional paper tickets towards more efficient paperless electronic tickets in the form of smart cards Trapeze-Elgeba responded by expanding upon the classic design of the stamp and needle printing mechanism for paper tickets to also process the electronic ticket. With the development of the smart card terminal 'ticos' the company has changed the face of e-ticket technology and design.

The 'ticos' control terminal is like most PC bases Trapeze-Elgeba products following a dual processor strategy embedded with the Windows 7 operating system. The product development is impressive not only for its pioneering design using touch technology but also for its ability to act in the roles of both “master” and “slave”.

Furthermore, the chip card terminal offers all up-to-date communication media such GSM, UMTS, Edge, Ethernet, and IBIS. With all of these features the entry control terminal 'ticos' stands as one of the most leading-edge devices found on the market today.

Ticket Validators

With close to 500‘000 operating validators of the 'ticompact' series Trapeze-Elgeba is one of the market leaders proven by more than 50 years of experience in this segment. Since the development of the first ticket validating machine in the early 60s the company has become the leading provider of validator technology.

The 'ticompact' series for mobile and stationary use is best exemplified by its durability. With the support of state-of-the-art technology these validators devices are built to be resistant to grime and signs of wear and tear. Furthermore, the 'ticompact' is characterized by an exceptionally low-maintenance and a service friendly design. At its core, the validator series combines high functionality with elegant design.


Using train, tram or bus services without having to bother about buying or validating a ticket while still not dodging fares – that appears to be a dream of the distant future.

But the solution is here: Named ComfoAccess®.

How ComfoAccess® works

The chip on the ComfoAccess® card is activated as soon as a passenger boards a vehicle. Using presence detection technology, the system checks at regular intervals during the trip whether the passenger is now actually inside or outside the vehicle.

This enables the public transport services actually used to be charged on an individual basis and exactly according to the route travelled. Normally, the charges are invoiced to the customer at periodic intervals or deducted from his or her credit card account. Other payment methods such as prepaid are also possible.

Benefits for the passenger

Exactly as with a zone pass, passengers can use all the public transport services integrated in the electronic ticketing system without ever having to bother about buying a ticket. This greatly simplifies access to trains, trams and buses, arguably prompting a greater number of people to use public transport means.

Asset Management

Transport operations are vast and complex. From the areas of the operation that customers see, such as the buses, para-transit vehicles and bus stops to critical behind-the-scenes components, such as the maintenance facilities; there can be thousands of large and small assets to oversee and maintain. Just as fleet management software manages all aspects of buses and vehicles, this solution is a critical tool for managing transit infrastructure and stationary assets.

Stationary asset management is a comprehensive, browser-based enterprise asset maintenance management solution capable of tracking an unlimited number of equipment units and supporting an unlimited number of workstations from any number of locations. The solution tracks all functions related to the maintenance of transport infrastructure, including stops and stations, offices, maintenance facilities, revenue equipment, communications gear, stationary equipment and/or IT assets.

Public Transport Fuel Monitoring and Management

At Trapeze, we understand the challenges inherent to implementing an effective fuel monitoring software program. That’s why we offer a system that supports continuous, real-time fuel management over virtually any communication platform.

Our system includes a sophisticated combination of hardware and software to manage consumable assets across your enterprise. It processes the issue, receipt, and transfer of all fuel and fluid consumables, including commercially purchased fuel. When integrated with our fleet management solutions, data captured by (such as odometer readings and hour meters) can be validated in real-time against values stored in a single, centralized database.

In addition, through driver training, monitoring, and analysis our fuel monitoring solutions are designed to:

  • decrease operational costs
  • save fuel
  • improve the overall passenger experience.

Public Transport Fleet Management

Trapeze - ChallengeReduce maintenance expenditures and inventory expenses, while simultaneously improving productivity, efficiency and asset management with Trapeze fleet management software and fleet management systems.

The Trapeze fleet vehicle management solution is a comprehensive vehicle maintenance management system that aims to address the challenges faced by public transport agencies. It was designed by fleet managers for fleet managers with robust features and an easy-to-use interface. This solution is capable of tracking an unlimited number of vehicle equipment units and supports an unlimited number of workstations from any number of locations. It also boasts the ability to track all functions related to vehicle maintenance, including repair and preventive maintenance (PM) work orders; operating expenses including fuel, oil, and parts; and vehicle availability.

About Trapeze Group

Trapeze GroupThe business of transport is complex. There are new trends and emerging challenges every day. We make it our business to deliver the best in technology, systems and services you need to automate the multitude of tasks that come with supporting, building, managing and measuring better transportation services.

Our solutions consider the full 360 degrees of your operations, bringing together and connecting you with the numerous sources of information you need to deliver quality services to your stakeholders.

Our integrated approach provides a complete enterprise solution connecting the back office, operations and information centers with your vehicles, as well as on-street and on-road equipment.

Our end-to-end service programs from product innovation and development, system integration, solutions delivery and customer care help you to maximize the value of your systems for the long term.

Trapeze is an international transportation software company with over 2,500 customers worldwide.

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