Stadler Rail AG

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Ernst-Stadler-Strasse 1



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Ernst-Stadler-Strasse 1

Bussnang , 9565



Tel +41 71 626 20 20

Fax +41 71 626 21 28

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Company information

We Track Clever Solutions

Stadler - We Track Clever Solutions

The railway vehicle industry is in a dynamic, highly complex restructuring phase. Companies active in our industry are being acquired, merged or strategically repositioned. In some cases they are vanishing altogether from the market. In such an economic environment, it is crucial for a medium-sized group of companies to ensure that its strategy matches its human and financial resources. Over the past few years, Stadler has met this goal, even achieving exceptional development despite the negative trend prevailing in our industry.

The Swiss Stadler Rail Group, with its eight sites in Bussnang, Altenrhein, Winterthur (Switzerland), Berlin (Germany), Siedlce (Poland), Pusztaszabolcs, Szolnok (Hungary) and Algiers (Algeria), is focussing on the regional and suburban service market segments, the light regional express railway service, streetcars and intends to remain the global Number One in the rack railway vehicle market. Stadler Rail has positioned itself as a supplier complementing the global rail vehicle builders such as Alstom, Bombardier, and Siemens. Our independence is an important basic strategic value for us.

In the past few years, we have closed the last existing production gaps by selectively expanding into the areas of electrical engineering and bogie (truck) construction. In doing so, we are now able to offer complete vehicle concepts. Unlike the large suppliers, we do not pursue any platform strategies with clearly defined products in clearly defined market segments. Rather, we offer customised solutions to railway companies on the basis of modular concepts which are tailored to their specific needs.

Company information

Headquarters location Ernst-Stadler-Strasse 1
9565 Bussnang
Office locations
Ernst-Stadler-Strasse 4
9565 Bussnang
Lessingstrasse 102
13158 Berlin
Rue de l'ALN 14bis
16005 Alger
Some facts
Founded in
Founded by

Ernst Stadler

Company Size


  • Railbound Vehicles for Public Transport

Product information

Modular Vehicle Concepts

Railway vehicles


Stadler Rail - Railway Vehicles - KISSThe KISS (double-decker railcar) is available in both the S-Bahn train variant and the long-distance train variant (Intercity and inter -regional transportation). It is therefore able to cover the ever faster growing capacity needs of railway companies. Considerable human and financial resources have been invested in the development of the KISS since 2004. With this youngest child of the Stadler vehicle family, we now have a comprehensive portfolio in the Intercity, interregional, S-Bahn and local-transportation sectors. Stadler can thus offer a modular vehicle family in all public transportation market sectors from a single source.

FLIRT3 (Fast Light Innovative Regional Train)

Stadler Rail - Railway Vehicles - FLIRT3Even the FLIRT3 meets the highest standards of comfort of the passengers. It represents the evolution in compliance with the new TSI standards, especially the crash norm EN 15227. The entire vehicle structure was built strictly modular. Thereby, it is possible to fulfill customer needs in a simple manner, such as carbody lengths, floor heights, number of doors. Furthermore, the interior of the FLIRT3 from the front to the rear end entrance is continuously accessible, in compliance with the TSI PRM. For operations in non-electrified lines is now also a very powerful diesel version (Power Module) available, respectively the resulting possible hybrid versions.

FLIRT (Fast Light Innovative Regional Train)

Stadler Rail - Railway Vehicles - FLIRTFLIRT: roomy design for even greater passenger comfort. Careful design of the running gear and drive systems provides an exceptionally comfortable ride and low noise level. Double leaf swin-plug doors and extendable platforms guarantee rapid and comfortable passenger boarding even for people with disabilities, parents pushing a stroller or passengers carrying luggage. The big multifunctional compartment can be equipped to the rail operator's specifications. The spacious step-free passage between cars provides high visibility within the vehicle, creating a transparent passenger compartment.

GTW articulated railcar

Stadler Rail - Railway Vehicles - GTWOver the past few years easier access to railway networks by carriers, and the decentralisation of procurement to the regions, have given rise to the emergence of numerous light railcars in the market. One of the most successful vehicles in this area is the GTW articulated railcar, having sold well over 500 units to date.

The GTW articulated railcar is based on a modular vehicle concept to optimally meet the various requirements in terms of track gauge, structural clearance and transport capacity. Thanks to its modular design, the GTW articulated railcar available in electric versions for all common voltages as well as in diesel-electric versions. Its typical feature is its Power Module which is located in the centre of the vehicle and which houses the entire power plant. The Power Module is designed with a passageway for passengers. For maintenance purposes, all systems and components are accessible from the outside. This design virtually eliminates the need for any capital investment in the workshop and allows maintenance and repair times to be minimised. The two-end carriages of the GTW 2/6 are made of extruded aluminium sections and are semi-mounted on the Power Module. Thanks to the systematic separation of the Power Module and the end carriages, no noise or vibrations are transmitted to the passenger compartments. Since the two-end carriages do not contain any heavy drive components, they can be of light-weight design so that almost the entire available clearance gauge can be used for designing the passenger compartments. The low-floor portion, matched to platform levels, is higher than 65%. Based on a defined standard, the basic equipment can be customised individually. The length and width of the body can be adjusted to suit the available vehicle clearance gauge.

Regio-Shuttle RS1

Stadler Rail - Railway Vehicles - Regio-Shuttle RS1The Regio-Shuttle RS1 is based on a low-floor vehicle concept covering all the needs of regional and urban rail services.

The vehicles feature a characteristic, marked truss design and are distinguished by their optimised passenger compartments with large entrance platforms in the low-floor areas. These are equipped with folding seats and offer stowage space for pushchairs (strollers), bicycles, luggage and wheelchairs. A WC with a closed toilet system is situated next to the multi-purpose area. The low-floor section is 65%, at 600 mm above platform level. Thanks to the equipment of the vehicles with air springs, the shuttles run extremely smoothly for short-haul vehicles. The attractive appearance of the vehicles is made complete by an appealing and dynamic visual design, a generously-sized passenger compartment, and modern passenger information systems.

The vehicle achieves the body pressure resistance of 1500 kN prescribed in the UIC for railcars. As a result, vehicle safety is fully ensured even on main routes. High acceleration rates and a top speed of 120 km/h allow easy integration of the Regio-Shuttle RS1 from the preferable regional and urban rail routes to main route service. The vehicle is designed for single driver operation. The Regio-Shuttle RS1 is designed as an independent railcar unit. In addition, multi-traction is possible with up to six railcar units.

Urban Transport


Stadler Rail - Urban Transport - VariobahnThe Variobahn is a modern, multi-section light rail vehicle. The Variobahn is a single or bi-directional light rail vehicles in 70- or 100-percent low-floor design and is optimized for urban transport tasks. The Variobahn gauges of 1435 mm and 1000 mm can be altered; other special tracks are possible. The possible vehicle widths are 2.3 m / 2.4 m / 2.5 m / 2.65 m.

The Multiple joint type makes it possible to produce a wider vehicle than the existing old vehicles and models with 3- and 4-part passenger modules as well as 5- and 7-piece vehicles.

The continuous floor height of the low-floor area of 350 mm above the rail, allows the design of very passenger friendly relationships. Doors and seating can be arranged variably. Big Doublewing- and passenger doors,with up to 1350 mm width, result in easy boarding and comfortable access to the vehicle.

The joint portions take on the full relative movement between the modules. The transition region provides the passenger with a safe and comfortable passage and can be used as a standard area for standing passengers.

The motor bogies with integrated wheel hub motor, is a compact design and is an essential part of the low-floor concept. The low-maintenance, gearless hub motors do not require continuous axes, thus creating more space in the passenger compartment of the low-floor transit area.

The front panel elements are based on the newly developed Stadler Design. It was a timeless, attractive design as well as emphasis on high functionality in matters of passive safety (pedestrian protection) and in the case of repairs. The adhesive technology of the outer covering ensures that the renewal of parts of the outer skin after accidents is possible without extensive disassembly of equipment.


Stadler Rail - Urban Transport - TangoThe modern urban railway system, Tango, connects urban and rural destinations in difficult topographic environments. Bogies and pneumatic suspension ensure a high degree of travel comfort. The single- or bi-directional vehicles can be designed as variants with 100% high-floor or up to 70% low-floor in various lengths and widths. The car body design and the large doubleleaf passenger doors make it easy for disabled persons, parents with strollers or passengers with luggage to enter and exit the vehicle.

Tailor Made

Railway Vehicles

Customized vehicles

Stadler Rail - Tailor Made - Customized VehiclesStadler offers safe and comfortable railcars as an alternative to the automobile for regional traffic. Our vehicles have low-floor design for secondary and main line use and are highly efficient through short service and maintenance times.

Each Stadler customer has his own desires, demands and requirements. For this reason, Stadler Rail Group offers operators vehicle concepts with variable track gauges and car body widths, various types of drive systems, and excellent active and passive vehicle safety.

Passengers benefit from comfortable boarding which also accomodates the disabled. Our vehicles have spacious baggage areas and are easely accessible for baby-strollers (pushchairs) and wheelchairs. The interior's attractive state-of-the-art design and low noise emission of Stadler coaches guarantee passengers a relaxing journey.

Passenger coaches

innovative tailor-made solutions for small and medium series as well.

Stadler Rail - Tailor Made - Passenger CoachesA new generation of metre gauge vehicles was launched with the introduction of the panorama coaches on the Bernina line of the Rhätische Bahn (RhB).

Generous interior layout, air-conditioning and panorama windows allow the passenger to enjoy the delightful mountain landscape in utmost relaxation.

Within this coach family, there are naturally a number of options and variations offered as well. Normal windows, different boarding conditions, and drive coaches are only some of the design options offered by this new generation of coaches.


Stadler Rail - Tailor Made - LocomotivesStadler has been manufacturing customised diesel locomotives for shunting operations and for track maintenance for 50 years. They are mainly equipped with diesel-electric adhesion drives or with special gear boxes for rack and pinion traction.

Mountain cars

Rack Railways

Stadler Rail - Tailor Made - Rack RailwaysStadler is the world's market leader and largest supplier of rack railway vehicles and systems. Stadler refined the expertise gained by the take over of the Swiss industry's rack railway activities.

There's no other sector of rail traffic in which the demands and requirements made on the railway constructor are as diverse and exacting as in the rack railways sector.

Extreme types of terrain have to be overcome with various rack-and-pinion gear systems, power systems and gauges; changing technological parameters - such as rack and adhesion stretches with extreme inclines - need to be simultaneously taken into account as well.

Transport capacities have been increased and the comfort offered by these new trains has been optimised. This was first made possible by the construction of pneumatic-cushioned low-floor and panorama coaches and then by the use of three phase technology combined with new gear and braking systems.

The new generation is characterised by a significantly reduced weight per seat. In view of the sharp inclines that rack railcars have to cope with, the weight factor is of paramount importance.

Stadler Rail Group leads the market in overhauls and maintenance. Gear systems are continually revised and bogies and bodies overhauled.

The Stadler Rail Group is always the right partner in the carriage of people and goods on rack lines.


Rail Services

Stadler Service

Stadler Rail - Service - Stadler ServiceSafety and availability are the most important elements of successful fleet management. As your partner, Stadler Rail Service will make sure your trains keep rolling: we offer maintenance services with a view to achieving cost-efficient operations and maximum availability, both as a manufacturer and as a maintenance expert.

Preventive maintenance by our expertly trained employees is one of the keys to safety and guarantees low levels of fleet downtime. We can also offer in-house training of your maintenance staff.

We offer modular solutions for overhauls, repair kits and modernization programs as a service to allow the highest levels of flexibility and efficiency in developing a maintenance plan. Throughout the maintenance cycle, Stadler offer our customers expert advice and quick response times.

Stadler offers various service packages, from a single spare part to full vehicle maintenance solutions for our or third-party vehicles. Our service solutions have one thing in common: the professionalism and care with which we work with you.

Preventive maintenance

Stadler Rail - Service - Preventive MaintenanceMaximum runtime means minimum downtime. Our specialists offer customized maintenance strategies to ensure maximum availability of your vehicles and guarantee that the maintenance requirements are met. We can take over the maintenance of your fleet and train your technicians to guarantee the very highest level of material and workmanship standards are used.

Repairs / Overhauls / Modernization / Revitalization

Stadler Rail - Service - Repairs/Overhauls/Modernization/RevitilizationRepairs and overhauls

We are a high-performance partner, especially during unplanned events, and can help to reduce fleet downtime during these situations. Stadler specialists are able to assess faults and ascertain on site the condition of a vehicle that has been involved in an accident, and can provide an appropriate repair strategy to quickly return the damaged vehicle to service. Scheduled overhauls of components such as trucks are carried out at our central facility to ensure efficiency.

Modernization and revitalization

Professional modernization of your vehicles can improve the image and performance of existing trains. This preserves the value of your investment for the long term.

From preserving value to adding value

Modernization not only brings the technical components up to date and increases availability and safety, it can also increase comfort and thus improved the perceived value of your services from the passengers’ perspective.

As your partner Stadler Rail Service, can preserve the value of your investment throughout its service life. This gives you the option of reducing your own infrastructure and the complexity of performing maintenance, or having Stadler train and advise your technicians.

In any case, Stadler’s customers can benefit from top quality, first-class spare parts availability and a partnership that does not end with a sale, but begins with it.

Spare parts service / Sub-systems service

Stadler Rail - Service - Spare Parts Service/Subsystems ServiceSpare parts from the OEM are a guarantee for quality and reliability. Stadler’s spare parts service not only ensures its customers high parts availability due to the proximity to the production process, but also the benefit of a price advantage associated with our buying power. This includes special tools and services.

Sub-systems service

You can count on our expert workers to service all the sub-systems including: brakes, air-conditioning, electronics and door systems. We also provide contractual service packages for most sub-systems. Our comprehensive know-how and mobile units mean we can offer our customers flexible maintenance with very short response times. The experience of our specialists and our tailored analysis tools allow quick and accurate diagnoses in the event of a problem. Stadler can provide 24/7 hotline support for our partners.

Fleet management/Training

Stadler Rail - Service - Fleet Management/TrainingExperienced Stadler maintenance experts offer technical support and optimal solutions. Whether they require failure analyses or maintenance strategies, fleet managers can count on Stadler’s professional and individual support.

Do you want to bring your maintenance organization up to date? We offer professional technical training for customer personnel on our products and support for your maintenance departments during regular operations.

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