Strukton Rail

Visiting address

Westkanaaldijk 2

3542 DA


Postal address

PO Box 1025

Maarssen , 3600 BA

The Netherlands


Tel +31 30 240 72 00

Fax +31 30 248 64 66

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Company information

Strukton Rail

Strukton Rail provides cross-border solutions in the field of rail infrastructure, railway vehicles and mobility systems. Through almost a century of rail construction involvement, maintenance expertise and technological development we have successfully adopted, created and connected past, modern and future best practises:

  • Operational asset management
  • Monitoring systems (POSS)
  • Rolling stock systems
  • Signalling systems
  • Energy systems
  • High-output equipment
  • Training and certification

Our expertise, coupled with our approach as a full-service provider of rail, rolling stock and electrical systems has brought us customers all over Europe and beyond. We operate on an international basis and have long-term operations in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and Australia. Our subsidiary Eurailscout, specialist in monitoring the condition of the railway infrastructure, is based in the Netherlands, Germany and France.

Our goal is to make your rail transport a more competitive, safe and reliable option.


Company information

Headquarters location Westkanaaldijk 2
3542 DA Utrecht
The Netherlands
Office locations
Van Coulsterweg 11
2952 CB Alblasserdam
The Netherlands
Holterkamp 18
D-40880 Ratingen
Churchill Ave 53
WA 6008 Perth
Some facts
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  • Infrastructure / Railway Construction
  • Level Crossing
  • Light Rail
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Overhead Lines
  • Railbound Vehicles for Public Transport
  • Services
  • Signalling
  • Thirs Rail

Product information


The railways have always been at the heart of our activities in our more than 90 years history. As a full-service provider, Strukton Rail has extensive knowledge of all elements of the rail infrastructure. By combining this knowledge with the expertise which we have acquired throughout Europe, we work to fulfil our mission: safe and reliable railways.


Strukton Rail combines wide-ranging experience with an extensive range of specialist machinery for renovating existing track for both nationwide and industrial railway lines and for lightrail, tram and metro lines. We have extensive experience with modernising existing track on the busiest tracks in Europe.

Good logistics

We understand the importance of good logistical planning better than anyone. To have the track back in operation - expeditiously and safely - is of the utmost importance. Bringing together the right people and equipment at the right place and time enables us to bring renovation projects to a satisfactory conclusion.

High Output Equipment

Good machinery is essential for renovation projects. Strukton Rail owns one of the largest and most advanced ranges of machinery in Europe. An important part of this is our high output equipment, which enables us to achieve very high production rates and perform track renew als in a quick and effective way.


Every project is unique. We adapt our logistical and working methods to meet the requirements of each specific situation. We invest extensively in new technical solutions and stimulate our employees to continuously improve and devise new working methods


Optimally deploying our high output equipment throughout Europe enables us to lay new railway track and overhead wire efficiently and effectively. When projects involve specific problems we modify our logistics and working practices to suit.

Good logistics

Good logistical planning is extremely important for large-scale projects. Bringing together the correct people and the correct equipment at the correct place and time enables us to bring new construction projects to a satisfactory conclusion.

High Output Equipment

Good machinery is essential for newly constructed track sections. Strukton Rail owns one of the largest and most advanced ranges of track machinery in Europe. An important part of this is our high output equipment, which enables us to achieve very high production rates. Thus we can lay new track quickly and effectively.

New methods

Every project is unique and so we adapt our logistics and working methods to meet the requirements of each specific situation. Strukton Rail invests extensively in new technical solutions and stimulates its employees to devise new working methods.


Strukton Rail has extensive experience with large-scale projects in Europe. In the Netherlands we constructed the track for the Betuweroute – a new goods line running from Rotterdam to Germany. This 72 kilometer double track is currently the largest infrastructural construction project in the Netherlands. In Sweden we have laid 95 kilometers of track for the northern section of the Bothnia Line.


Strukton Rail manages, rents, transports and maintains one of the largest and most advanced pools of machinery in Europe. Unique is our High Output Equipment enabling us to make huge production within short periods of time. We exchange our machines and equipment between Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. This allows us to work in a cost and time effective way.

Track renewal equipment

Strukton Rail deploys track renewal equipment for laying and overhauling sleepers and rails.

Universal tamping machines

Tamping machines are used for raising, straightening and tamping track. There are two kinds of tamping machines: continuous tamping machines and point tamping machines. The continuous tamping machines have movable tamping units that can be operated independently from each other. Tamping tines (i.e. vibrating arms) vibrate into the ballast, before moving together to squeeze the ballast under the sleepers.

Catenary equipment

The catenary equipment is used for erecting and renewing catenary systems and the related maintenance. Strukton Railinfra Materieel has several innovative machines in addition to the traditional catenary equipment.

Ballast cleaning machines

Strukton Rail's High Output Equipment enables rapid ballast renewal.

Ballast profilers

Ballast profilers perform their work before or after tamping the track. The machines distribute the ballast evenly and restore the ballast bed profile, which gives the ballast bed the required lateral resistance.

Dynamic track stabilizers

Dynamic track stabilizers are used after the tamping machines have finished tamping and straightening the track. The dynamic track stabilizers are surface vibration devices that compact and stiffen the track-bearing ballast bed, thereby securing the track more firmly in the ballast and improving the resistance.

Rail cranes

Rail cranes are rail-bound cranes used for laying points and other lifting tasks in the track.


Strukton Rail has several classes of locomotives, and is able to respond to a wide variety of activities. The locomotives are generally used for moving and shunting heavy plant and for construction logistics.


We implement a wide range of automatic train control systems, both in the train and on the track. Our services include installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance, system integration and migration. We are one of few companies in the market with in-house ERTMS/ETCS experience.

Signals, switches and train detection are reliable and safe (so called 'failsafe') systems, aimed to guarantee a maximum level of safety and reliability. Strukton Rail is one of the main specialists in the field of these systems. We install, test, commission, maintain, integrate and migrate complete train detection systems, working on both wayside and onboard equipment.

As a service provider of rail systems, we have built up years of experience with different national and international signalling systems. This includes traditional systems such as the Dutch ATB system, the Belgian Krokodil system and the German Indusi system, and international systems such as ERTMS/ETCS and CBTC.

Power & Electrification

One power failure and the trains come to a standstill. Quality of electrical supply and knowledge about electrical energy supply issues are essential on the railway. Strukton Rail provides energy solutions at international level.


We have a complete engineering package for our services in the field of energy. Our specialised and experienced engineers working at our energy technology department are active world-wide.


We cover the entire range of design, construction, programming, installing and testing. Strukton Rail therefore offers fully integrated solutions. Operating independently of manufacturers, we are able to work in a highly efficient way.

Our package of services includes:

  • power generation in power stations
  • construction of high-voltage networks and sub-stations
  • voltage conversion to 25 kV, 10kV, 3kV or 1500V-DC
  • installation and maintenance of overhead wires
  • delivery and intallation of on-board electricity supply systems in vehicles
  • design, construction and supply of choppers, converters and traction in the train
  • delivery and installation of return current conductors on rails

PPP in light rail

Politicians and public authorities are faced with the issue of how to keep their urban areas liveable and accessible. What has already happened to metropolises, is now threatening to occur in medium-sized cities as well: traffic congestion and the infringement of environmental standards. Light rail connections can assist in reversing this trend. After all, they cause less pollution and occupy less space than road traffic. Strukton advocates Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in light rail as a successful approach to realise public transport service in a more efficient and effective way.


Strukton is an experienced manager of PPP projects. We have formed a consortium called TramTeam which, together with public authorities, develops integrated light rail solutions for urban transport problems.

The benefits of PPP in light rail

In a PPP-project authority and private party each bear their own responsibilities, while doing what they are good at. The former implements policy and monitors quality, while the latter designs, builds, maintains, finances and operates. The risks are borne proportionately, while aspirations are shared. The aim is to resolve an urgent traffic problem as quickly as possible by means of sustainable solutions

Rolling Stock

Strukton provides technological solutions for rolling stock. Strukton Rolling Stock has a unique position in the world market for delivering traction converters, auxiliary converters and train control management systems. Strukton uses its modern power modules for custom-made systems in the renovation market for trams, trains and locomotives. It is our mission to make existing and new rail vehicles more sustainable and cost effective.


Strukton Rolling Stock has a unique position in the world market for delivering traction converters, auxiliary converters and train control management systems (TCMS). Using the modern and reliable Strukton power modules (SPM) as the basis for new systems, Strukton has captured a good position especially in the renovation market for trams, trains and locomotives. Both operators and manufactures rely on Strukton for custom-made solutions where the Strukton power modules can be adapted in almost all sizes to retain the original dimension of the box.

Power Electronics history

Our engineering roots originate from Holec Traction (i.e. Class 323 project) which was taken over by Alstom (i.e. Citadis projects and many others) in 1999. In 2005 Alstom concentrated their development activities in France. Strukton employed the core of Alstom’s engineering department that was based in the Netherlands (at that time the traction Centre of Excellence for Light Rail vehicles within Alstom), invested heavily in new and robust power modules and thus created a strong niche player.

Clients and current projects

Strukton is an independent player in the power electronics market acting in a flexible and transparent way. We are a medium-sized player and do not have the burden of being a large company. At the same time we benefit from being part of a financially strong group.

Our current projects with deliveries in 2015 & 2016 are:

  • Vivarail, Great-Britain: traction and auxiliary systems for D78 London Underground stock. Click for further project information.
  • Transnet Engineering, South Africa: Locomotive Class 18E static converters with six different outputs. Click for further project information.
  • Rennes metro line b: traction systems for Siemens' Cityval vehicles. Click for further project information.
  • Monorail of São Paulo: traction inverters, auxiliary inverters and battery chargers for the new line 17 monorail of São Paulo. Click to see detailed project information.
  • Metro Toulouse: new auxiliary converters for VAL 206 metro’s; 750V DC/ 72V DC battery charger and a 750V DC/400V AC inverter. Click for further project information.
  • Metro Toulouse: new IGBT chopper traction converter for VAL 206 metro’s (ends Q1 2014). Click to see detailed project information.
  • Monorail Kuala Lumpur: lightweight (100 KG) Traction Inverters (220 kW) for the new Monorail vehicles built by leading monorail manufacturer Scomi Rail. Click to see detailed project information.
  • Locomotives India: 4.5 MW traction installation, 2 * 130 KVA Auxiliary converters and TCMS. Click to see detailed project information.
  • EMU India: complete electrical train installation. Click to see detailed project information.

Strukton Power Modules

The Strukton Power Modules originate from a newly developed platform in 2006 & 2007. Since then the modules have been further improved and are known not only for their extremely reliability but also because they are easy to install, require little to no preventive maintenance and are competitively priced.

Our latest ultra-lightweight Power Module performs best when water cooled. It has probably the best weight to performance ratio in the world.

For lesser performance demands or for Auxiliary Power Supplies it is used in a natural or forced air cooled variant.

Traction Modules

Three basic modules for tram/metro operations; naturally cooled. For train operations; forced air-cooled and for large power like locomotives; water cooled.

  • Forced air-cooled traction module
  • Natural air-cooled traction module
  • Water cooled traction module

Our compact Auxiliary converter modules cover a complete range of auxiliary power requirements.

  • 100 kVA Inverter 
  • 110 V Battery Charger 
  • Buffer and Crowbar 
  • 130 / 150 kVA Inverter
  • Controlled Rectifier 

Our control boards are developed in-house and range from simple boards to those that can handle complex requirements.

  • Traction Drive Control Unit (DCU)
  • Traction Vehicle Interface Unit (VIU)
  • Main Processor for TCMS & Auxiliary converter control

We look forward to understand your needs and provide a custom solution using the standard Strukton Power Modules.

Refurbishment of rolling stock

Strukton Rolling Stock refurbishes & modernises rail vehicles by replacing existing components and integrating new ones. Rolling stock is designed and built to give decades of service. Some components in rail vehicles however become obsolete already after 10 or 15 years due to e.g. quick developments in electronic systems. And the facilities often no longer fulfil the requirements of the modern traveller.


Strukton Rolling Stock refurbishes & modernises rail vehicles by replacing existing components and integrating new ones. The result: a reliable solution at a lower cost.

Refurbishment programme

As components in rail vehicles get older, maintenance costs increase and availability is reduced. Spare parts are increasingly difficult to obtain after a few years or they are even taken out of production. A solution is often sought in the purchase of new vehicles or by ‘eating up' trains and using their parts to maintain the rest of the fleet. Strukton’s refurbishment programme offers a better alternative.


Strukton’s refurbishment programme is based on product standardisation at the level of components rather than systems. Our engineers examine the status of the vehicle and the separate components. Basic components can often last for many more years. We use those existing components in the new system. The parts that are out of date or need to be modernised are replaced by new ones.

Tailor made

Strukton Rail provides tailor made products: ‘plug & play’ solutions that offer the reliability of a proven product.

Construction of rolling stock

Strukton Rolling Stock has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of electrical systems for newly built new rolling stock, from engineering up to installation.


Our product range consists of:

  • complete coach wiring
  • shunting points
  • junction boxes
  • high-voltage junction boxes

These products are prefabricated and tested in our workshop, followed by ‘plug and play’ delivery. A crucial advantage of this method is the lead time reduction and thus the reduction of the total demand of capital.

Modular building

Strukton Rail has been active in coach building since 1908. Our specialists have participated from the start in every new development, from design up to testing and maintenance. One of our specialties is modular building.


We design and develop optimal solutions for the installation of the electric and electronic equipment and cabling. Our systems have a long life and can be repaired and modified in the case of damage.

System integration

Strukton Rail is closely involved with the development of new safety systems. We install, maintain and test the Dutch Automatic Train Stopping (ATB) equipment in locomotives. Our activities also include the installation, maintenance and testing of GSM-R and ARR (Automatic Run Registration) equipment. These components are part of future ETCS developments, which are required for the new European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS).

Monitoring of rolling stock

Ongoing privatization in the rail transport sector leads to increased pressure on financial results of rail transport companies. A Fleet Management System becomes a vital tool to monitor the fleet’s performance on a day to day basis. Information provided can be used to optimise maintenance processes, reduce turn around times and increase availability.

Monitoring of fleet's performance

Strukton Rail successfully installs remote monitoring systems for both railway infrastructure and rolling stock. The platform used is called POSS. It creates a wireless communication link between a vehicle and a land-based server. From there the information can be processed and presented via a specific web application.

Various access levels provide dedicated information to different users. The maintenance shop receives actual information on the status of each individual train. An alarm will be automatically generated in case of a breakdown. The severity of the alarm is indicated in various levels. In case of a serious breakdown, maintenance engineers can analyze the problem while the train is still out on the tracks, thus avoiding the need to rely on an incomplete or inaccurate error report. They can decide whether the train needs to be taken out of service for repair in the workshop, or to send a mobile repair crew in case of a minor problem. A fleet management system enables a workshop to optimise work processes, for instance by introducing condition based maintenance.

Strategic information

Fleet managers will be more interested in trends and key performance indicators on fleet level. This information can be generated out of the day-to-day information. They provide fleet managers with information that can be the basis for strategic decisions.

Last but not least, with a fleet management system installed, Strukton engineers will be able to support you with solving more complicated malfunctions that your maintenance crew is not familiar with.

Fleet management information

  • Number of train journeys
  • Average train distance
  • Average speed
  • Punctuality
  • Energy consumption
  • Number of malfunctions
  • Mean time to repair
  • Train position


  • Cost reduction on maintenance
  • Optimisation on workshop routines and logistics
  • Up-to-date management information
  • Increased availability of rolling stock
  • Increased passenger satisfaction

Train safety

Safety for the passenger comes first. We implement a range of safety systems, both in the train and on the track. We are one of few companies in the market who have experience with the installation of the European safety standard system ERTMS/ETCS.


Integrating safety equipment in trains requires knowledge of safety systems, rolling stock, electro-technical engineering and of the standards and requirements which apply to them. Strukton Rail takes care of the entire process, the feasibility study, the design, engineering, installation, putting into operation, testing and certification by a Notified Body.

Construction and maintenance

Strukton Rail implements newly contructed and existing rolling stock. Calibration of the equipment can take place at the certified track we have at our disposal for this purpose. We design the static and dynamic tests and perfom them. For this reason we can guarantee a maximum level of safety and reliability.


Strukton Rail is one of the few parties in Europe who have experience with the new European safety system ERTMS/ETCS. We have implemented ERTMS/ETCS in trains and on the tracks.


With our knowledge of both infrastructure and rolling stock we are best suited to offer integrated solutions. Strukton Rail has a special unit that works on ERTMS/ETCS.

Power & Electrification

Strukton Rail is working on projects and systems, which are aimed to reduce energy consumption and to promote the use of cleaner energy sources. Railway traffic accounts for more than 1 percent of the total energy consumption within the Netherlands. In view of the present drive towards cleaner, more energy-efficient and more sustainable transport, all stakeholders within the railway sector have set themselves targets for a more economical use of energy.

Strukton Rail is working on projects and systems which are aimed to reduce energy consumption and to promote the use of cleaner energy sources.

Power supply chain

As a full-service provider we have technical knowledge of the entire power supply chain. Based on our know-how in this field we can help our clients to integrate their measures in a cohesive solution


Since different operators are using the railway infrastructure, accurate measuring of power consumption by trains and systems has become more important in order to be able to allocate the costs. Strukton’s preventive maintenance and breakdown diagnosis system POSS helps railway operators to get an insight in their power consumption and user characteristics. The information yielded by the system offers scope for new energy saving measures.

Recycling of energy

Whenever a train brakes, it generates energy. Only a part of that energy is captured and fed back into the power supply system. Strukton Rail researches ways to store the energy that would otherwise go to waste. The recaptured energy helps to power the train when it pulls out of the station.

Alternative fuels

Internationally an increasing number of railway companies plans to replace their diesel fuelled locomotives by cleaner and more economical engines, Based on an international cooperation agreement, Strukton Rail contributes its know-how as a systems supplier to the development of hybrid locomotives. Strukton Rail is also involved in exploratory studies into hydrogen fuel cells, a promising technology that is still in its infancy.

Strukton Embedded Solutions

Strukton Embedded Solutions (SES) is a specialist in the field of electronics, embedded software and project management.

Strukton Embedded Solutions offers in-house and on-site high-tech engineering services.

We provide for:

  • In-house customer specific projects for wireless communication modules, control modules and power conversion modules
  • On-site services for electronics, embedded software and project management

Control modules

We have developed several control modules for a variety of markets and customers.

Wireless communications modules

We deliver full product or end-to-end systems solutions, instead of hardware or software solutions only.

Power conversion modules

We have developed several power conversion modules for power electronics components (EV-drive trains).

Other high-tech solutions

We have a variety of special state-of-the-art development solutions next to our control modules, wireless communication modules and power conversion modules.


POSS Railway condition monitoring

POSS® is the Dutch abbreviation of Strukton’s Preventive Maintenance and Fault Diagnosis System. Strukton developed the system to optimally perform its maintenance contracts. The aim: contribute to optimally reliable, available, maintainable and safe railways. Strukton combined its international railway maintenance expertise with its technological expertise to develop POSS®.

Travel Systems

Modern passengers have ever higher demands as to the way they are being informed. Strukton Systems dynamic passenger information and entertainment systems ensure that passengers get up-to-date information.

Energy Solutions

Strukton is active in the fields of electrical power generation, transmission and distribution. We focus on power plants, (offshore) power substations, (offshore) wind farms and other forms of (renewable) energy.

Signalling and Power Supply

Strukton Systems' PMC Signalling & Power Supply specialises in the design, construction and extension of protection systems for heavy rail and light rail.

Cable Solutions

Strukton specialises in underground cable and pipes infrastructure. This includes all kinds of work from phase 0 up to the connecting and testing phase. Strukton Systems is a professional and well-established partner and can take care of the entire project management if desired.

Catenary Systems

Strukton Systems' PMC Electric offers solutions in the field of construction, renewal, modernisation and maintenance of catenary systems and portal structures. We also perform civil engineering activities.

Technical Installation

Strukton Systems takes care of the extension, refurbishment, renewal and improvement of various kinds of electrical systems and related installations such as air conditioning systems.


Strukton Systems provides solutions in the field of (railway related) telecom systems. We use our railway experience and knowledge of technical automation in various infrastructural railway objects such as bridges, tunnels, railway stations, railway yards and harbours on behalf of our telecom activities.


Our maintenance concept is based on preventing failures, identifying problems before they occur and staying one step ahead of potential breakdowns. We control the entire asset management set, from defining customer needs to operation and feedback. We adapt to and support part of or the entire maintenance strategy of the customer by engineering what is needed. Based on experience, our approach clearly results in lower costs and better quality.

Define & Select

Define asset management objectives based on specific business needs and select the most suitable approach.

Measure & Monitor

Provide and implement systems and tools to measure and monitor the condition of the assets

Manage data & Interface

Provide and implement systems and tools to visualise data in a common operational picture.

Analyse & Interpret

Analyse, interpret and convert data into information.

Organise & Plan

Define and organise the best suitable maintenance plan based on all the available information.

Maintain & Feedback

Provide operational capacity and expertise to execute the maintenance plan and provide feedback on the condition of your assets.

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